Step 90 - NKOTB Block Party: Episode 44 - New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Angela, Natasha, Karen, Alyssa, and Candace

We do get a little serious in the beginning of this week's block party - but after the seriousness (skip to the 35 minute mark if you have trouble with discussions around depression) - we have a lot of fun with a 1995 weekend in Boston story from Angela, We hear about Natasha's NKOTB Journey, We'll hear Karen's international NKOTB fan story, we hear part one of Alyssa's NKOTB Summer of 1989 and her Old Orchard Beach Experience, and we'll lastly hear about some great NKOTB moments from Candace!

Step 87 - NKOTB Block Party: Episode 42 - New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Kelly, Jenn, Andrea, Kristin, and Misty

We're back to the old format - bring on the stories - it's time for the NKOTB BLOCK PARTY!  In this episode, we will tangent as always but you will also hear some pretty amazing fan stories including a very happy birthday from our friend Kelly, a VIP Wahlburgers experience from our friend Jenn, a "knock out"  encounter from our friend Andrea, a couple amazing Donnie stories that solidify why #WeAreAllDonnieGirls from our friend Kristin, and a super amazing meet & greet with Jenny McCarthy from our friend Misty.  You WON'T want to miss it!

Step 86 - Friday Night Chat

In this episode, Brooke & Nikki wind down after a very busy week and have a nice Friday night chat.  We have some pretty awesome stuff coming up for you in the next few weeks so hold tight!  Special thanks to Jackie for our amazing rap intro!  Live tweet @socalledwhatev your answers to our questions!!!

Step 84 - Forever Friends

Join Brooke, Nikki, and a bunch of their friends as they talk about previous episodes, current missions (ahem, #MissionInteviewJoey2018) and happenings of the past year.  Help us celebrate by completing our podcast scavenger hunt or donating to one of our favorite charities - Generation Rescue and/or Remember Betty.  With each $10 donation, you will receive 3 entries towards one of our giveaway bundles! 

Step 83 - NKOTB Block Party Episode: 41 - New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Katrin, Angela, Faith, Tanya, Rachel & Laura

It's time for a BLOCK PARTY!  This week's episode was done over a serious of a week so it's definitely different and full of tangents!  Listen in as we hear stories from our friends Katrin, Angela, Faith, Tanya, Rachel, and Laura!  Also...Joey McIntyre #MissionInterviewJoey2018 - Let's GET THIS! 

Step 82 - Kevin & Pete

Originally, we had planned on this being a minisode; however, in true minisode fashion - before we knew it, we had three hours of content. In this episode, you'll get to meet our husbands - Kevin (Nikki's husband) and Pete (Brooke's husband).  We'll learn all kinds of things about them and we'll get to hear answers to questions that our community asked including what they think about the community, NKOTB, the podcast, and more.

Step 81 - NKOTB Block Party #44: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories From Our Friends Angelica, Judy, Anonymous, Angie, Christina, Mariah, Cedric, and so many tangents from Brooke and Nikki

Get ready for some amazing #BLOCKPARTY stories from our friends Angelica, Judy, Anonymous, Angie, Christina, Mariah, Cedric, and some crazy tangents! 

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are sensitive to the topics of suicide, depression, and abuse - please stop listening at the 23:45 mark and you can continue listening at around the 30:48 mark**

Step 75 - NKOTB Block Party #41: Nikki and Guest Host Maria Read New Kids on the Block Fan Stories From Friends Rebecca, Kelli, and an Anonymous Listener.

It's time for the BLOCK PARTY - and we aren't leaving out NOBODY!  Join Nikki and special guest host, Maria, this week while Brooke is away on a cruise.  We'll be chit chatting about many things New Kids on the Block - but we'll also be sharing some pretty great stories from our friends Rebecca, Kelli, and one story that was sent to us from an anonymous listener.

Step 74 - NKOTB Friendship Stories: Volume #1 - New Kids on the Block Stories of Friendship from our friends Michelle & Amy, Madelyn & Cara, Christian & Jenny, and Jenny & Rod

The friendships are amazing and the #BHLove is strong in this episode.  Brooke and Nikki celebrate 30 years of friendship as we read some friendship stories from our friends Michelle & Amy, Madelyn & Cara, Christian & Jenny, and last a love and NKOTB story from Jenny & Rod.  Follow along with some pretty amazing pics and video on our website.