Step 100 - NKOTB Block Party: Episode 51 - We Were Here (On the Boat) Part 3: NKOTB Cruise Stories


Join us as we share some recent experiences of meeting Blockheads in the wild, and then jump into some incredible NKOTB Cruise X stories from our friends Lindsey, Deneice, Charlene, Gina, Mariah, Sandy, and Angie & Jenny. Stay tuned through the end to hear some messages left by you!

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All photos have been submitted to us by the storytellers themselves. My So-Called Whatever does not own the rights to these photos. Please click on any of the photos to view them larger, in a new window

Lindsey’s Baby Blockhead Cruise Experience

Deniece's NKOTB Backstory and Cruise X Cruise Virgin Experience

Charlene’s Cruise X Memories

Gina's NKOTB Cruise X Recap

Mariah's Cruise X Stories

Sandy's Cruise X Story

Angie and Jenny's Very Sister-Sister Cruise Story

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