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Step 145 - Lobster Love: Remembering Kim

Step 145 - Lobster Love: Remembering Kim

This week we remember Kim, a special friend - and BH - that we lost way too soon. If you would like to make a donation to Remember Betty in Kim's name, please visit http://rememberbetty.com/donate.

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What can I say about 30+ years of friendship. Our bond was like no other. Kimberly Kinsley you know you were my person, my soulmate, my sister, my safe and happy place, my Lobster, my rock, my everything. The laughs we had together were some of the best ones ever. We held each other up when we were falling, we stood by each other’s side when everyone left, and I am so blessed to have had you in my life. I don’t know exactly how I will go one without you but I promise I will. You gave me so much love and strength when I needed it the most. I will lean on our friends and family for support. I will watch over your mom, Nick, and Teresa. This is my promise to you. I will miss our trips, concerts, cuddles, your follicle masterpieces, you amazing laugh, smile, and how you could argue your point until I agreed or until I told you I agreed so you would move on lol. I loved you for my whole life and I will continue to love you for as long as I live. My heart is broken but the memories I have of you will put the pieces back together in time. Forever my Lobster.

Posted by Jennifer Marino Aramboles on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Jenn and Kim’s NKOTB Friendship Story

Jenn And Kim a.k.a The Lobsters 

HI ladies!! Finally we get our story to you.  What took us so long lol 

First let me start by answering the million dollar question...Whats with the Lobsters? If you watch Friends then you totally get it.  Its a Ross and Racheal reference. In an episode Phoebe told Ross Racheal was his lobster, his forever love because lobsters find their one true love and mate for life.  Thats totally us. On a drunk'n night Kim was crying over a guy and said he was her lobster. I said "F that, we don't need men we are each other's lobsters" that's when it all started lol.  Before we knew it all friends and family were calling us the Lobsters. 

Kim and I go way back, all the way back to 1st grade at Griffin Elementary where my mom had signed me up for Girl Scouts...I was a Brownie...not very thrilled about it either.  I went to the meetings and that where I met Kim. Her mom was one of the Mom leaders (or whatever they are called lol) I was fairly quiet and never really into the camping trips or group activities.  One memory that is still in my head (well lets face it I'm traumatized lol) it was Halloween and everyone was dressed up in their costumes but for some reason I didn't have one. Kim's mom was not going to let me go without a costume and be left out.  Even though I kept saying i'm fine, please no lol she insisted I dress up. She goes into her room and comes out with a Strawberry costume for me. NO, no thank you. But against my will i'm forced to wear this thing lol. There is a picture I will include where you can see my the look on my face i'm not too thrilled.  That's the beginning of our friendship.  

NKOTB broke out and every little girl went crazy.  I remember listening to them and falling in love. We both had everything they came out with to buy.  Our rooms looked like every other pre teen girls room with posters all over. I remember Kim having a roller skating party and I come in with a big ass card board square all wrapped up and as soon as she saw me she yells....OMG it's a Donnie poster.  Way to blow the surprise KIM!! lol 

The first pay-per-view New Kids did from Madison square my parents ordered and said I could invite 5 friends over.  of course we charged $5 a head LOL Kim was there and 4 other girls and we just sang, danced, and screamed when Jordan opened or took his shirt off.  It was the best night. Fast forward 15 years Kim and I find the video of this night and we were so excited to watch it...well, we couldn't believe what we saw.  I was so mean to Kim. If she sat down, we all stood up, if she stood up, we all sat down. I basically ignored her and I have no idea why. That broke my heart. 

When New Kids announced they were making a come back oh I was so excited.  I recorded their appearance but made my patients at work watch it live with me lol.  They announced a tour and I took the day off of work so i could get good tickets. My first NKOTB concert our seats were the very last row on the highest level.  Kim and i didn't go together for that either. I believe i made an announcement on fb saying if anyone wanted to go let me know. Kim never said a word. So when the day came I ordered two tickets for me and another friend and Kim was mad.  Bad Lobster. After that I made sure to tell her when tickets were going on sale and get her one no matter what. The reunion concert was amazing but without my lobster it didn't feel right. So the Package tour comes around and I get us great seats.  Floor seats. We both had an amazing time and even shed a tear or two. I believe we skipped the NKOTBSB tour but dare i say....i don't care for BSB. When the Main Event went on sale I was ready...had my dads amex card ready.. I got amazing seats a few rows back and seat 2 and 3.  We get to the concert and are stoked at our seats. We met a great lady that had seat 1. After Nelly and TLC did their thing I notice the ushers are lining up around us. I turned to Kim and said....I think something is happening!! OMG SOMETHING IS HAPPENING....at this point we had never touched a New KId before lol so i was about to, well, lets face it I lost my shit.  The lady that sat next to us was so nice she moved forward so I could get my arm out there when they came out. The lights went out and the crowd was screaming,I was like...i can't believe this is happening. I stuck my arm out and then it happened lol all 5 guys came running passed us hitting my hand every time. I felt like I was a kid again. Kim was cracking up at me and I immediately texted my husband and said....I touched all of them!! lol The concert was amazing but i didn't feel right about Kim not getting to experience what I did so what the end I pulled Kim towards me and said Keep your arm here.  So when they call came passed again me, Kim, and the lady Liz all got our moment with them! Amazing!! 

A few months later my life changed.  My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  I couldn't believe this was really happening. Over the course of 8 months we did chemo and radiation, hospital stays and then hospice.  Kim was there by my side every time i needed her. She lived 3 hours away but was always there. She's my safe place. When I'm with her no matter what is going on she makes me feel safe...even as she held me as I cried hysterically while my mom took her last breath i knew I was safe.  

Ok enough crying lol.  

My husband wanted to do something for me to make me smile again.  He said I want you to get tickets for the New Kids cruise(2016) for you and Kim.  When they went on sale mom was really sick but by the time she passed they were sold out.  He tried everything to get us on that boat. It was ok, we really appreciated it. In June of 2016 I was visiting Kim and we heard about the waitlist.  We decided for shits and giggles to get on it. Never imagining we would get on but we decided to join some fb groups and ask questions and see what this whole cruise was about.  After watching Rock this boat you can't help but want to go. August comes and we have already planned what our door theme would be and if they were to do another season of Rock this Boat we would try out for it.  I woke up this one particular morning very sad and i was crying a lot for my mom. I kept saying to her I don't have anything to look forward to anymore. I got up to clean myself up and on my way back from the bathroom I hear my phone go off.  I grab it and it's an email...THE EMAIL... we have a room!! OMG I screamed so loud I scared my husband! KIm was in court and was freaking out too. I text her something like... OMG OMG OMG and before i waited for a reply I called rose tours. I am booking our room and Kim is like...why isn't she responding to me lol.  So now its official...we are on the boat!!! OMG OMG OMG...... 

We went all out with our Lobster theme lol even wearing Lobster claw headbands.  I don't like to stand out so this was hard for me but once ppl were noticing us we had so much fun.   When we finally got on that damn ship we were so excited we couldn't contain ourselves. Every person that said "hey are you the Lobster girls" we gave a bracelet to.  Kim was so excited to decorate our door. She is the crafter and she likes to be in charge lol so i just let her do her thing. We get to our room and start work.....no one else seems to be decorating their door.  We figure its still early. After the dreaded Muster drill we go to the sail away party. When the oath is said I got chills and I believe I may have shed a tear or two. I blow a kiss to Donnie from down below and He blows one back...I looked at Kim in disbelief and she said...I saw that shit!!  OMG my trip had been made already. So we get back to our room and still no one is decorating. Well, Kim doesn't care she spent so much time making everything she was going to put it all up. As we are decorating a lady walks by and I stop her. Hi, are you staying in this hall? Yes, she says....oh ok so why aren't you decorating your door?  She says, oh well I'm not a fan...I'm Donnies stylist. say what!!! This is the hall way for friends and family. come again??? So now we are excited but at the same time a little bummed about this whole door decor thing. We got stopped in the hallway by two ladies and two guys they wanted to know what was up with the whole "lobster thing" we go into it and explain when I notice that she is the lady across from our room.  I said can I ask why do you have all access do you work with the New Kids...nope, It's Sharon Knight, her sister and kids....yep Jordan and Jons sisters. Well we just knew this trip was going to get better and better. Purple night was cool and we got vip passes for all the nights bec rose tours had messed up our room but that vip was a joke lol so neon night we made sure to stay on the floor in the crowd of ppl. Kim had to go sit down and I stayed in the sea of ppl.  Joe came down and said he wanted to dance with us but please don't put a camera in his face. So I stood their waiting for my chance to dance with Joe, after I did i made my way back to Kim. All of a sudden Joe comes through the crowd and is now on the bar right next to Kim. She was freaking out but in a good way. Our night was made and we headed back up to our room. it's now 3 am. KIm went to go get us drinks and when she came back she said oh...you already changed?  I heard donnie is coming down now. so no make up on and my pjs I throw on a bra and head down to the end of the hall. There is now a big crowd waiting for him but thanks to our room we were right where we needed to be. Jenny and Donnie come through the crowd take some pics and then I hear Donnie say " ok no more" Jenny was super sweet and took pics with us. When Donnie got there I was like...Donnie 1 more please...he looked at me and what must have been the most pitiful look and he says...sure.  OH I finally got my pic with Donnie and then he grabs Kim and we squeal all the way to our room. OUR TRIP WAS MADE!!! what more could happen!!! 

The next day we get off in Mexico and have some Margaritas...well one margarita lol Kim was gone and I was tipsy so we made our way back to the boat.  We take a nap and Kim then decides to go to the casino. I wanted to nap more so i stayed. A knock at the door and its our room steward. Miss Jennifer can I please clean the room.  Ok, i get up without even looking in the mirror to fix my hair and walk down to talk to the security guard who we have now become friends with. We are talking for about 10mins or so and then Mr. Wahlberg himself comes around the corner.  I froze. I had my phone with me but didn't want to ask him again for a selfie since we got on the night before. I don't know if i made a noise or something but he turned back to look at me and smiled. Well shit now i'm dead. He comes over towards me, flips out his phone and says "can we take a pic together" say what!!!! ummm, you want to take a pic with me?? I was now a babbling idiot.  I tried to tell myself to shut up so he could take the pic. He snaps a few and then I said to him " i'm sorry can I have a hug" he said...don’t be sorry of course you can you are beautiful" Did he just call me beautiful?? Then he says I love you....what the what....I'm pretty sure now we are getting married lol. I look at the security guard and said...you saw that right...that just happened.  Then i run to get Kim....i tell her all about it and she is like...i don't believe you. I had no proof it was on his phone. I said ok, lets go talk to the security guard. We get back down to our room and he is gone lol. She believed me though.  

Donnie had no idea the year I had had.  He didn't know i lost my mom just a few months earlier.  He also didn't know he gave me back my smile that day. He really is amazing.  

Our first cruise was amazing! We made so many friends on that boat and on fb. We kept in contact with them and made more.  

Tragedy struck our lives again when Kim's dad became very ill and we lost him April 2017.  This next cruise was to give her her smile back. With all the bh friends we made it was an amazing time.  We are looking forward to our 3rd cruise and a family reunion with all the friends we made.  

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