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Step 146 - 80's & 90's Home Decor Part 2: Photos From Our Listeners

Step 146 - 80's & 90's Home Decor Part 2: Photos From Our Listeners

Brooke & Nikki dive into some pretty awesome 80's & 90's home decor pics from the My So-Called Whatever community.

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Photos From Our Listeners

I found some photos today of my home when I was a kid and one from when I was a teenager. I totally remember having gold carpet in my room and the forrest green carpet in the family room. Then in the living room, a room that nobody ever spent time in, we had lovely brown carpet that you can see in the Xmas photo. The photo of me sitting on my parents bed playing Zelda is another example of many different shades of brown we had all over the place. The only color in the room is from the quilt I’m sitting on that a great aunt made out of crazy pieces of left over fabric from other sewing projects. I’m pretty sure my sisters old dog destroyed that blanket, she destroyed a lot of stuff. The red photo is of my room from 94-99. My mom and I moved into that house after we left my dad and it was a time of freedom for us both! Coming from a home where using push pins in the wall would “decrease the value of the house” according to my dad. Here at this new place we could do whatever we wanted!! so glossy red walls for me. I had a fuzzy cow print blanket for my bed and I hot glue gunned fuzzy bright green fabric covering my entire dresser. it was the best.

That’s all I got for now!! Keep it up you guys, I am loving these episodes!!

Jessica in San Diego

Jennifer’s 80’s Home Pics

Hey guys! I have found some fun pics to share with you, I don't except all of them to be used but there are a few that could be used for different things, 80's toys? 80's Halloween? 80's Easter? Pictures are numbered to match the descriptions. Like I said, feel free to pic ones you'd like to use or not use.

So much 80's/late 70's in this picture! This was about 1983 and I'm 2 in this picture with my aunt in her giant 80's glasses and my two cousins who are 3 and 4. Classic 80's attire on all of us, me in corduroys. The classic Fisher-price phone, the weird brown and gold floral armchair, the brown curtains and if you look closely a short shag carpet, also brown. oh and don't forget how we are looking at the Polaroids that they are currently taking while we watch them develop. This picture was taken at my grandma's house.

Christmas 1982, i'm 9 months old here. This picture was taken when we lived in GA. Nice green shag carpet, fake wood paneling, strange brown floral couch and brown leather arm chair.

Same Christmas, same house, different view. Wood paneling, weird tan floral curtain, huge stereo with record player and 8 track player and check out the old school blow up Christmas toys and my baby horse bouncer.

5. First day of first grade for me, 1987. Just wanted to show the matchy outfits we used to wear with the pants a color to match the shirt. Also some of the fun stuff on my grandma's shelves. Remember the water basketball or rings games. We also had one that was a dolphin the moved when you pushed the button and you had to get the rings on its nose.

New house! This is Christmas 1986. My mom lived in Greece for 2 years (Army kid) as a teenage and was really into Greek pottery and other home decor so you can see that on the walls and shelves. Again, wood paneling (must have been a popular version cause all three examples I've sent are very similar). Brown plaid couch, the baseboards and door trim was also wood. If you look close you can see into the kitchen which was painted baby poop yellow. On the right is the same huge record player/8 track combo.

Back to Christmas 1986. Again brown plaid couch along with golden brown shag carpet. This is us getting our Pound Purries (the cats) wearing My Little Pony and Care Bear jammies. I also have pretty much a mullet. I chewed on my hair so my mom kept it where I couldn't get it into my mouth.

This is about March 1987 again showing the beautiful golden brown shag carpet with matching curtains (that were really thick) our brown plaid couch and our TV with our first VRS and it looks like we had cable at that time. My grandpa is dressed in his lovely swearer vest and tie with transition lenses or maybe they were always yellow tinted? My My Little Pony jammies and my sisters Care Bear and our first Cabbage Patch Kids. Mine was named Cynthia Marie and she was a lefty like me. They game holding a color crayon.

This one is just a great view of the furnature (and my sister fake sleeping). Carpet, couch, orange pillows that matched the carpet, the lampshades, and that plate that half my friends also had.

This was a neighbors house. More brown shag, brown sofa, dried real plants and stuffed birds. Not sure if they did this elsewhere but this was a big thing around here in the 80's. He did actually hunt these birds himself and they'd get them mounted. They had them all over the house and they always creeped me out. Also who else had that fisher-price picnic table and those plates and cups. The plates had a little curcle on them with raised edged where the cups were supposed to sit. Also pictured is a cookie monster chair that I always wished was mine and a Little People parking garage that we also had at my house.

My third birthday, 1984, grandma's house again, brown carpet, lotsa indoor red/white brick and that floral rocker chair. The huge doll was called an Ice Cream doll and I think it was a boy. I didn't get to keep it very long because there was a recall. I remember my mom trying to explain that I couldn't keep it because it was dangerous and it made some kids die. I always thought it was something about the stuffing or material but in doing my adult research it was just a choking hazard from the necklace it came with. If I even find one of these (with clothes because I just found 2 with no clothes at a thrift store) I will buy it!

Around 1984 in my bedroom. This is the house we'd live in for the rest of my life and my parents still live there. I'm 3 and wearing my Monchichi night dress. More wood paneling, golden curtains, all white furniture in my bedroom and a slide that I got as a hand me down. My grand aunt was the nanny for a very very wealthy family in town. their granddaughter was about 5 years older than me so I would always get the cool hand me downs (I got a white rabbit fur jacket one year and roller skates). When my aunt passed away at age 103 in 2004 the family took care of everything (even have her in their family section of the mausoleum) they told a story of how kind and generous my aunt was. How she never let anything go to waste and always took their leftover food and old clothes and toys to "the less fortunate". That was the moment my family found out WE were the "less fortunate!" We all laugh about it now but at the time we were so embarrassed cause they never knew we were getting all those goodies!

My bedroom with my rainbow bright sheets (I never got the comforter) my Paint by Number My Little Pony pictures that my mom did for me, above my head is the certificate for the MLP fan club/mail order club and my MLP castle on the dresser. My dad actually made that dresser and we painted it together white. My mom put the yellow knobs to match my pale yellow walls.

This is the Christmas that we didn't get Cabbage Patch kids but instead, my aunt made us some. They were so cool and were wearing real baby clothes!! Again, shag carpet, wood paneling and brown plaid couch.

This was my sisters 2nd birthday but if you look on the back counter you'll see the mushroom canisters, a yellow sippy cut that I think was tuperware brand, the counters were white speckled with yellow that matched the walls. You can also see my rad My Little Pony sweat suit.

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