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Step 22 - NKOTB Block Party #12: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Chrissy, Kylie, Carmon, Maria & Amy

Step 22 - NKOTB Block Party #12: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Chrissy, Kylie, Carmon, Maria & Amy

Join Nikki & Brooke as they read fan stories from our friends Chrissy, Kylie, Carmon, and Amy. This week, a very special guest joins us - Maria from Rock This Boat Season 1! Get ready for the Blockparty - we ain't leavin' out NOBODY! 

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Chrissy's Story

Hi Ladies,

My name is Chrissy,  my twiiter handle is gobamgo1 & gobamgo for soundcloud :) 

Loving the podcast!   Reminds me of my friend and I talking about them. 

I am a Married mother of a 4 yr old from St Louis, MO.  

I 1st heard of NKOTB when I was about 8 or 9 andmy next door neighbor asked if I knew about the new kids on the block, she said that they were a group of boys that would sing to pretty girls.  I kept thinking we had new boys on our block randomly singing to girls. haha!

When they 1st announced their return in 08, I immediately knew that I would have to see them. They had only announced just a handful of shows, and the closest one to me was in Rosemont, IL.  It. was. Perfect.  I just remember singing everything for 2 hours and I was immediately in love again. 

When I found out that they had added more shows and would be coming to my city, I immediately knew that I had to do Meet & Greet.  This was their 1st tour back, and Meet & Greet was- get this- under 500.00!  Can you imagine?  I'm glad I did it when it was "cheap" lol   It was definitely a splurge, but my friends and I decided to go for it.  The meet & greet at that time is different than today. Besides being cheaper, you were only guaranteed the 1st 10 rows.  I had no idea where we would be sitting but it didn't matter since we were meeting them.  Also this new artist was opening for them... some Lady Gaga person!  :) :)   

We did not pick our group, we found the other "M's and found out that as luck would have it, they were all mostly Donnie or Jon girls!  I remember that we had to check in our disposable cameras.  How is 2008 so long ago?!  I was with 2 girlfriends. When we went behind the curtain, we were the 1st 3 of the group in. My one Friend gravitated towards Donnie right away.  My other friend ( a Joey like myself) immediately said "Chrissy! Joey! Here!"  No time for words :)   I was standing a bit taller than him since I am 5'7 and had heels on.  I sort of crouched down and Joey said "stand up straight, girl, I looovveee tall women"   Then from the photographer, we hear "one two three" an on "three" I said "Fantasy! “and Joe was like "Fantasy? mmm ok..." I said yes this is has always been my Fantasy to meet you! (CRINGE!)    I stood up so straight that I am almost leaning back!  2 flashes then it was over.

Security was trying to usher us out, but the Donnie girls would not leave.  I hugged Jordan, (huge flirt!) then Jon (he’s TALL!)  and Jon said "did you get to hug everyone?"   I told him no, Not Donnie... and Jon said "well ...go! go! hurry!"   I gave Donnie a half hug and then we were on the other side, and that was that. 

Best 30 seconds ever!

We were lucky to get 3rd row that night.  Saw Lady Gaga 3rd row too!  She was just getting popular with Just Dance! (Very Cool!) 

 I had made two signs, ‘Bus Time" and 'Face Time' Donnie signed "Bus Time' on his way out of the Meet and Greet!   Sadly, Security took them away during the concert,(something about blocking views.... ) But I was able to tear off my portion that had the autograph. 

I was able to see them on the Magic Summer Tour, then 7 times since they been back.  I have a few other mini stories but that was the big M&G story :) 

Loving the podcast & other stories!  Glad to hear I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like its a drug!   :)  

Kylie's Story

I don't know about stories as I haven't had too many encounters with any NEw Kids. But let me think about recent stories. I was thinking about back in the day. NKOTB only came to Australia in January 1992. I remember my friends and I calling the venue in Sydney asking if they'd heard if NKOTB were going to tour. This was probably 1990. We were very impatient. My friends and I had to pool our money to buy teen magazines like Bop and Teen Beat. As they were imported here they were so expensive. So we shared the costs and the NKOTB pics.

Carmon's Story #TweetMeRightJoey

Ok, well I was 15, and had already seen 3 NKOTB concerts. It was 1990 and the Magic Summer Tour was coming to my town (Knoxville, TN). For the other 3 concerts I had been to I had nosebleed seats. I had tried in 8th grade to get backstage passes in every possible way, but never could. My sweet Daddy was always the good ole boy "man that knows a man" but he couldn't even make it happen for me. I'd been in love with Joey Joe since I was in 6th grade and had heard the song "Treat Me Right" on their first album. I just HAD to meet him. So the concert was November 30th, 1990 and there was a contest a few months before that at JC Penney at our mall. For like the whole month you could go in and fill out a paper with your name, address, and phone number and drop it in a drop box. If yours was drawn, then you'd win lower section seats and backstage passes. You could do it as many times as you wanted. I knew people that would photocopy them and just fill them out by the hundreds. I told my parents in August that I would only fill out 1 sheet and I would win. I WOULD get backstage. I knew I would win. I had so much faith that I would win, that I waited until the last day of the deadline to fill out my one piece of paper. A few days later, the drawing was at the mall. My parents were so upset because they just knew I would be disappointed. I had told my mom that I always prayed for other people but that night I had prayed just for me *LOL* She was like "oh my god if you don't win you will be devastated" and I told her and my daddy not to worry I knew I would win the passes. So they drove in this giant black pickup truck full of entries. The announcer said there were over 20,000 entries in the truck. They had a little kid dive down into the bed of the truck and pull out a slip of paper.

The announcer said "234 Hill..." and I just started screaming. That was my address I knew I had won LOL

My parents were in SHOCK. I decided only to wear one joe pin to the concert, because I didn't want him to think I was a crazy girl (HAHAHAHA I WAS 15). That night an hour before the concert we were ushered in to the backstage area of Thompson - Boling Arena and into a holding room. Each group of girls went in a few at a time and posed with the guys. When I got there, I was DEVASTATED because Joey didn't show up. It was Jordan and Danny. I was still excited, but I was heartbroken. I had waited so long to meet him. And I never did. I have tried several times since then to try and meet Joey. I've tried at other concerts, after concerts, contests, etc.... I always seem to miss him. This past year in New Orleans I missed him by 5 minutes LOL BUT i had pit tickets and he touched my hand. That's a funny 15 second video LOL I still love them all so much. I'm a true fan since NYNUK and a Blockhead for life. If I didn't have a child with autism, a husband, and responsibilities, I'd be on that cruise next month LOL.

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