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Step 24 - NKOTB Block Party #13: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Megan, Laura, Candy & Stacie

Step 24 - NKOTB Block Party #13: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Megan, Laura, Candy & Stacie

Welcome to the weekly NKOTB segment of our podcast we like to call "Block Party". Block Party is all about sharing fan stories and this week we have FOUR amazing stories to share with you from our friends Megan, Laura, Candy and Stacie.

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Megan's NKOTB Story

My NKOTB story began thanks to one of the girls that attended the same daycare/babysitter as me liking them and I would hear her playing their music & soon I was hooked too! Now being only 6 years old then I pretty much had every piece of merchandise yes even those infamous marbles but couldn't travel or anything to see them live. Finally in April of 1991 they came to the Breslin Center in East Lansing, MI and my parents bought me tickets and we even rode to the concert in a limo! Of course I had a blast & was so excited to see them live! After they disbanded I turned my attention to the boybands/pop acts of the 90's and early 2000's and attended some of their concerts. Then in 2008 I kept hearing this song I liked but had no clue who was singing to my shock I hear the DJ announce "and that's the new single summertime from New Kids On The Block." So of course I go home to get online to see what I can find out as luck would have it they were coming to the Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan so I got my ticket for the show and as soon as they hit the stage it felt like 1991 all over again! That was the beginning of a journey that I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams---I have been to countless shows, solo events, and on 7 of the cruises and traveled all over the country and even over seas to London, England all for the love of these 5 men from Boston! However, the best thing about this whole thing is the people I have met. I love all the friends I have made because of thefact that we all love nkotb. It's thanks to them that I was able to meet my best friend Tina. We started chatting on twitter in the fall of 2011 and hit it off and started traveling to nkotb events together and even lived together for about a year and a half. And even though we now live in different states our friendship continues to grow and is stronger than ever! So I will be forever thankful to Danny, Donnie, Jordan, Jon, and Joe for taking me and the rest of the BHs world wide on this incredible adventure and I can't wait to see what's to come!!

Laura's New Kids on the Block Story

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I went on the New Kids on the Block cruise once in 2013. It was certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and 7 friends. The cruise brings you back to carefree days, music, dancing, sun and fun! Reliving our teen crushes for these 5 great boys from Boston. I met these wonderful women on Twitter! Some of us Moms & all of us working professionals who took a break from reality to sail away and get a glimpse of reliving our teeny bopper years! Oh and Bahamas was a bonus haha

Laura Conway
Ottawa, ON

Candy's NKOTB Cruise Story

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Dear awesome and amazing ladies,

My name is Candy (yes, it really is haha) I'm a blogger, photographer, mom, etc. and I have a rather interesting cruise story. But first we need to go back in time when I seriously got sucked into the BH world. I didn't even have my first concert until 2013 and my first VIP in 2015. I am very new to that side of the BH world, so I often think, how in the world am I going to compete with all the people that have met them so many times? I want to be remembered just like most fans!

At the Main Event concert I actually baked homemade cookies for Jordan and knew I would talk about them when I finally met him. Talk about surprised! Seeing Jordan smile and say cookies just gives me life. I knew then that I had to make them for the rest of the guys for the cruise. I had no idea how to make sure they would get them, but damn, I was going to try.

I went on my first cruise in 2015. I knew maybe 4 girls on the whole ship so it was all really new to me. And yet SO exciting! It wasn't long after we were on the ship when I grabbed the cookies and headed to the courtesy desj where there was supposed to be a place to leave gifts. Fate had another idea. World of Johnny just happened to be at the desk, sand since I made him a thing of cookies too, I took a chance and begged him to deliver the cookies for me. He took them and thanked me for making him cookies. I didn't know for sure he would do me the favor but I had hope.

The next morning we had photo day. It was so great meeting the guys again, the hugs are the best! When I got to Jordan I told him "I hope I am not making you fat with all the cookies I have been baking for you" And he said cookies again (I died) and said you made those chocolate chip cookies? I had two this morning! WHAT? I kept myself together and smiled but deep down I was like holy shitballs, he got them!

Later that day, they had a town hall question and answer session on the lido deck. I was standing by a new friend I had made and soon Armando the bodyguard was in our section and yelled "Who has a question?" My arm shot up so fast! ( thought he would just give me a microphone, and before I knew it, Donnie Wahlberg was not only next to me, he had his arm around me. WHAT? I am a Jordan girl but Donnie is my secret crush. Hell, even my MOM is in love with the guy. He was talking for a while about Joe's son, and I was in dream land. Soon enough it was time for my question. I said, "This question is for Jordan, Hi my name is Candy (he said hi Candy, and yes, I died) and I added "You know me as the cookie girl".. I didn't even get the whole word our before Donnie stopped me and and said "YOU MADE THOSE COOKIES? We need more cookies! And if that wasn't enough, Joe was talking about them. They were talking about the cookies I made and how amazing they were. Donnie even asked me if I would make some more if he hooked me up with the kitchen. Duh, of course I would.

So I made it to my question about future solo stuff for Jordan and it was just the most unexpected amazeballs moment in cruise history. This nobody fan, someone who had only just met them 5 months before, goes on her first cruise and legit has an entire conversation with all of them in front of the entire ship. Like holy shit, how is this my life?

When I got home, I had so many people tag me in photos that they took of my moment, and I will share them. There is also a video of it too, it doesn't show my face but you can hear it all.

I can say that my NKOTB life got even more amazing since then. I am heading for my 3rd one soon, have made SO many friends, INCLUDING MARIA who you know, I mean that girl is my JAM.

And one thing I can say about NKOTB in general for me. It doesn't matter to them if you couldn't make their shows and meet and greets over the last 30 years because they really do love you, and Donnie especially has a way to make you feel like you are the most special person in the room even when there are thousands of other people. I might still be new, they might not know my name, but they know my cookies.

I have other stories, including my first ultimate VIP and interviewing Joe as a blogger earlier this year, but I will save that for another podcast :)


Stacie's New Kids on the Block Journey

My first story is from back in 1988. I was 14 and NKOTB was playing in Shreveport Louisiana. My mom said we didn't have the money for me to be able to go. I was so broken hearted. So I went to spend the night with a friend the day of the concert. When I got there she told me she had a huge surprise for me. So we get into the car and she blindfolds me lol. Its a 45 min drive to Shreveport from where I live. Next thing I know is the car stops, we get out and she turns me around. She takes off the blindfold and I open my eyes and I'm standing in front of the stadium where they are playing that night. She hands me my ticket and I dropped to my knees in tears. I wished the night before that something would happen so I could go. The seats were 3rd row center. But we pushed our way to front row lol. Donnie grabbed my hand and kissed it and Joe held my hand and sang to me during pdgg. It was the most amazing night of my life. This past concert Joe hugged me and held my hand til the walked past when they came out in audience during tonight. Again I'm sorry for taking so long to get back to you

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