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Step 34 - NKOTB Block Party #18: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Christine, Jaime, Sarah, Jill, Jen, and Jamie

Step 34 - NKOTB Block Party #18: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Christine, Jaime, Sarah, Jill, Jen, and Jamie

It’s time for some New Kids on the Block fan stories! This week we discuss kairablogs.com, decide we are searching for the Cover Girl from the Hangin' Tough Live video, and hear some AMAZING stories from our friends Christine, Jamie, Sarah, Jill, Jen, and Jaime.

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Kaira's Blog

If you want to check out Kaira's blog (which I know you are going to want to) you can do so by visiting: http://www.kairablogs.com/

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Aren't these girls fantastic?!?!

Jamie's Story

Hi Brooke & Nikki! I’ve been waiting to send you some stories until I got caught up on Whatever episodes, but, yeah....that might not happen. You’re recording them faster than I can listen!

I have a few more I want to send you, but for now, here’s a quick one. Its one of my favorite New Kid interactions. It happened during Cruise 2015 (my 3rd). We were in port in Grand Turk and my roommate Jen, our friend Amanda, and I were walking on the pier from the ship to the beach. Right away, we noticed Jon Knight and his entourage near us. Being seasoned Blockheads, we knew that he doesn’t always want to be approached--especially when he’s with his friends and family--so we continued on without a second glance.

Seconds later, we hear “oh my god!!” and out of the corner of my eye I see someone running our direction. Oh, no big deal...its Jon Knight. He had noticed the vintage New Kids beach towel/cover-up that I was wearing and wanted to ask me about it. He asked if I had made it—yes, I had--and we chatted for a minute about how much he loves seeing all of the different things the fans have made out of old New Kids merchandise. I also showed him my lanyard that I sewn out of NKOTB bed sheet material. He then asked if we could take a picture. My friends already had their phones out, thankfully, because in the pictures you can see I have my phone in my hand....completely forgotten about in my “Jon is talking to ME” stupor. He then jogged back to his group and we took a second to look at each other like “did that really just happen??” Yes, yes it did.

Hope you enjoyed my cute little story. Thank you for your podcast! I really enjoy the nostalgia. 

Jamie @4KidsOnMyBlock

Jen's Story

I wasn't sure if i was gonna do this. But anyhoo let's get to it. I discovered nkotb in 1989. I was only 7. I was at a new friends house and she had a ton of posters. I said who's that and she told me and she said which one do you like. I instantly got lost in jons eyes and said him. From day one I was hooked. I had the bedding the dolls the stage the EVERYTHING! Won't be a downer but I went threw some heavy stuff as a kid. And I would look around my room and tell myself I have to keep fighting so I can see them in concert. Unfortunately I didn't get to the first half and when the disbanded my heart was crushed. Fast forward to 2008 and my mom calls me and say turn on the tv. And they were on their!!!! I was taken right back to as that little kid! My first concert was main event July 2 2015. My mom bought my ticket but unfortunately she didn't get to see me threw it physically as she passed in April that year. But I went and it was great!!! But nothing can compare to the total package tour July 9th in Albany! It was like someone else without social awkwardness possessed me. When I saw Jon was within feet from me. I jumped two isles of chairs to get to him. Then when I get there I was like a deer in headlights (it's on youtube to prove it) That night was the best it's was as is the universe aligned! Not only did I hold Jon's hand but all of them!!!! Now the panic attack afterwards is irrelevant. But I will forever be grateful to these 5 guys who have indirectly kept me alive since I was 8 yes old. 

Jill's Story

Hi Ladies, So excited to have found your podcast. You are my people. I'm binging right now and enjoying all the stories. Like many Blockheads, I've been a fan since back in the day. I'll never forget the day I came home from school and my parents surprised me with the Step by Step album on the day it was released. They also bought the accompanying video and I thought it was the greatest day of my life.

I was fortunate enough to go to see them in concert twice back then and four times since the reunion, most recently in July. I also had tickets to see them on June 5, 2015 but unfortunately ended up in emergency surgery because I had loss-of-limb threatening blood clots in my legs. My incredible friends also skipped the concert that night to wait for me to make it through surgery.

Not only did my health take a hit and I missed the opportunity to see the New Kids but everything kind of feel apart that summer. I went through a lengthy recovery which caused strain on my marriage. My husband and I separated. I was laid-off from my job. I moved out of our home. I was in debt from medical expenses and the separation from my husband with no job.

That was a humbling summer. I was 37 at the time and determined to rebuild. I picked up the pieces, one piece at a time. I slowly got stronger and my health got better. I found a new job and committed to being debt free by 40. I'm happy to say I'm out of debt now and I turn 40 next year on May 16. 

What better way to celebrate turning 40 and getting out debt than going on the cruise next year! I would love to have an opportunity to meet any of the guys but would really just love spending time enjoying the shows and my fellow blockhead sisters.

Keep doing what you're doing ladies! I'm loving it and committed to help your Mission to Interview Joey. We can make this happen together!

Your new friend,
Jill, a Jordan Girl :)

Sarah's Story

Hey guys! It's nice to sorta meet you. I'm 21. Born in 1996 so I don't have very many 90s memories. But I am a huge blockhead. When the guys go back together in 2008 i was 12 and I've been listening to them ever since. I grew up with just a mom so seeing the guys and how they respect everyone and treat everyone with such love was a real bug thing for me and taught me that not all guys were terrible. It's a dream of mine to get to meet them someday. Hopefully I can go on the cruise or to one of their concerts one day and meet them. Until then I just buy all their albums and listen to their music religiously. Their music always seems to help me out and put a smile on my face. I'm a Donnie girl all the way. His love and inspiration keeps me going through many tough time and hard days. He is one of the guys that I most want to meet 

Jaime's Story

Hello, this is my story. Remember it's not to exciting its just me.

I have always been a loner and different and really no one ever accepted me for me. Some yes but many no. I really only had my cousin who is a year younger than me but only played with me because she had too. One afternoon when i was about 7, she introduced me to New Kids on the Block. She played Please Don't Go Girl for me, as she is a Joey Girl. I was hooked. Now I loved the song but one part and voice stood out special to me. Jordan. I have been a Jordan Girl ever since. Like I said I was a loner. I was a solo, but proud fan. I lived with my Grandmother and she did ever thing she could to buy anything NKOTB. I couldn't have been more blessed and thankful. I remember when she bought me my first video. The Hangin' Tough video, which I still have and watch with my son. As I  sang and danced along I didn't felt alone ever. I knew I was apart of something but unsure at the time. Anywhere else I was alone and made fun of for loving NKOTB but I didn't care. I was happy for once in my life. I belonged somewhere. I was apart of something. Anywhere I was, I had my cassette player or walkman playing NKOTB with a smile. Sadly, I never was able to go to a concert when I was younger and my dream of meeting seemed liked it would never happen especially when they slipt up. I was devastated but if it was meant to ne it would happen. Still and all I was a fan forever, alone but still perfectly fine with it. My happy place. 

In 2007, I gave birth to my son and always played and sang NKOTB for him and 2008 in his carseat and all with a smile and waving his little hands, we watched the Today show Reunion! I had someone to share my happiest with!  In 2013, my wonderful surprised me! He was sending me to my first NKOTB!!! Truly amazing and that's when i realized what I was apart of and i was in complete awe!! The BHFamily. I finally fp3und where i belonged and remembering back to watching the first video, i was right. I am still in awe. Since them I have connected with so many Blockheads from all over and I am still not ashamed that I am a Blockhead and guess what? Neither is my son!! He is a proud BHBrother and doesn't care who knows! My heart is filled with joy! I was blessed enough to attend The Main Event and had an absolute blast, thanks to my hubby. This past July, my dream cam true on the 6th at the Total Package Tour. I was V.I.P! I met NKOTB and stood next to my favorite guy Jordan and he was everything I dreamed and more as the rest of the guys as well and Mr. Wood too. I felt like a million dollars and just so special!! I was home, in my happy place, and i belonged with no one judging me. Home and happy! It was all meant to be. I made it to the Block Party and best part, my son was apart of it and I know my grandmother was there all the way with me. I am not alone anymore. I have met my 5 brothers and a million sisters and many more!!! 

See its not much but it means a lot to me  Thank you for wanting to read about me. 

Christine's Story

I'm the one who commented about seeing New Kids at the Lake Compounce show.  And here are my pics from Fenway when I got close up by Donnie.  Thanks for sharing the great stories of fellow fans.  

It is so much fun to this with each other.  No else really understands.

Here are the lovely photos from Fenway.  Ah, seeing them again gives my goosebumps all over again.

Thanks again for providing us fans with such a great outlet to share stories.  All my best to you guys in the success of your blog and future adventures.  


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