Step 4 - Block Party: Episode 1 - Michelle & Kerrie

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Welcome to the Block Party - we ain't leavin' out nobody. Block Party will be an on-going segment of My So-Called Whatever dedicated to New Kids on the Block - but more specifically - to their fans (the Blockheads) and their experiences. In this week’s episode, we hear some great fan stories from our friends Michele and Kerrie.

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Michelle's Story

My best friend and I have been saying for years that we want to do an ultimate, so in 2015 that dream came true for us.  I am always in charge of purchasing our tickets, I don’t know if it’s because I get the best seats for us or just because working from home allows me that flexibility, maybe a bit of both.   I always ask Amy if she wants xx seats or xx seats and she says she doesn’t care and just leaves it in my hands…I think she knows I only accept the GOOD seats at a NK show.  This was going to be our second show out of 3 for this tour.

So, I don’t know if it’s like this for all tours, but I actually purchased the 2 ultimate’s before I purchased our 5* plus, and when I snatched up 2 of them I had to take a moment and ask myself if that really happened, but not too long or my cart would expire. So, I had the ultimates and our front row (behind barstools). I told Amy what I was able to get and she didn’t believe it.  Two years later I still don’t think it really happened unless I look at pictures.

Fast forward to the concert day…

I’m not one to dress up to go to concerts, I just like to be comfortable, however this time I wanted to look pretty, not like they even care or it will make a difference, but I wanted to feel pretty for this special occasion and maybe it would help me get some confidence.  So, Amy and I decided to go with a dress and sandals, nothing too fancy but enough to make me feel pretty.  

On our way to get the train to take us to the Garden!

As usual, we took the train from Newton, MA into Boston and of course if something can go wrong, it does.  The green line had a delay so we sat for a while on the tracks…I’m not even sure what happened but it was extremely frustrating and time seemed to go so slooooowwwww. This is why I always try to leave my house with plenty of time to spare and thankfully we did!

So, we decided that we didn’t care who we stood next to in our group picture since we were getting our pictures taken with all the guys individually, so we decided to stand with Jon. He’s always been so nice and I really does give the best hugs.

So, first thing we did was our group picture. This was a bit unorganized because we had no idea how the guys were standing so when we went in, we didn’t know the order to line up in (always a vital thing during a NK M&G). If I wasn’t getting an ultimate I would’ve been extremely disappointed because first of all we were pushed like cattle and didn’t have time to say hello to or hug anyone standing before Jon. Thankfully this particular part of the process improved with the latest tour.  

After all of the group pics were taken, all 10 people with an ultimate had to stand in line. Amy and I had planned on doing ours together, or maybe we briefly talked about it and never really planned on it. There was a girl in line between Amy and I so I switched with her so we could get a picture together with us and the guys, however, just like everything else I planned on doing for my ultimate was quickly forgotten about when Amy went in and then it was my turn. If Amy shares her individual pics, be sure to look for the creeper behind the curtain, that’s me trying to see her.  So, Amy went in and did her thing. She had some old school pictures to share with the guys, hopefully she’ll share her own experience too.

Next up, it was my turn and my heart is starting to race right now as I type this up!!  I was so excited and nervous, all at once! So, Danny is the first one to take you in, I think for all the ultimate experiences.  So he took my hand and we stood there talking for a brief minute while Amy was finishing up hers, I don’t even know how long she was in there for and as soon as you go in, the photographer just starts snapping pictures.  I told Danny that Amy was my bestie and he said she’s a sweet girl (duh, Danny I know that). I said “yes, she’s a good egg” and he laughed at that and asked why compare her to an egg, I guess he’s never heard that expression.

So…Donnie grabbed my hand and asked me if I was going to cause trouble and told me not to grab his ass again (yes, I may have grabbed his ass, but I asked and he said yes so what’s a girl to do in that situation).  I’m pretty sure I might have just lost all train of thought a that moment thinking “oh he ‘knows’ me.”  Here are some Donnie pics during this conversation, it looks like Jon doesn’t believe that I’m not a troublemaker.  After this, someone yelled “group shot” and we took our group pic.

So, when I take pics with anyone, my hand is always placed at the very bottom of their back, top of the ass. In our second group pic, I think this is when Donnie yelled “see, you’re trying to grab my ass again” but I told him I was not. I really wasn’t!

Next, I had some one on one time with Donnie and I just started telling him how happy I was that he was so happy and glad that Jenny makes him so happy and I’m glad she’s sharing him with us and is so nice to us. I almost started to cry as I was saying all of this so he went in for a hug and it was one of the THE BEST DONNIE hugs I’ve ever gotten, EVER!!!

Next was Jordan, my favorite since IBLYF came out.  I broke free of my hug from Donnie and asked if I could get a picture with Jordan and Donnie.  Exact conversation “can I get a picture between Jordan and Donnie because Jordan is my favorite” and either they both said, or one of them said “we know, you like to dabble” Then after that I started talking (more like mumbling some generic nonsense to Jordan) and he probably wanted me to just shut up.  Of course I didn’t realize that Donnie was doing a photobomb until I got home and looked at my pictures. I love that he did that!! I’m also mad/sad that I didn’t get some solo pics with Jordan…next time!!

By the time I got to Jon and Joe I was useless. I wanted to talk to Jon about his gardens and tell him how adorable him and Harley are but thanks to Joe, that didn’t happen.  Joe was standing behind the photographer acting silly and telling us “look here and smile, no look here and smile” and we were laughing, see pics and notice Jordan creeping in the background.

So I didn’t even get to have a conversation with Jon. Last was Joe and we only took one measly picture. I can’t look in his eyes and hold a conversation with him, I just can’t. I asked if Griffin would be performing, he said yes and I said I’ve never seen him perform, which I realized later was a lie. He said “really, you haven’t?” and he seemed shocked.  This is the second NK I’ve lied to without meaning to!  

I walked out of there just casually like it was nothing but then saw Amy and be both smiled and didn’t believe it happened.  I don’t remember if the first person I called what my husband or daughter, but I’m glad I did this, want to do it again and think it’s worth every penny!

When we got to our seats, we realized we were center stage front row which is a fantastic spot to be, here are some pics from that night.   While I thought the stage was pretty amazing, I think the best seats for this tour were in the lower bowl, center stage for the best view and to see the entire set up, which is where we sat for the first and last show of this tour.

Kerrie's Story

I did see them as a kid! Four times, I think? I saw them on that first big tour when they were touring with Tiffany playing amusement parks. After the concert (I saw them at Kings Dominion in Virginia), my family stayed and watched fireworks at the park and then went to a 24-hour restaurant ... and NKOTB WAS LEAVING AS WE GOT THERE. Only saw Jordan but he just waved as his bodyguard (remember Biscuit??) was ushering him out! I was devastated for two reasons ... 1. I didn't get to see all of them and 2. I was a hard core Jon girl early on and was wrecked that I only saw his brother! I made my dad go to the men's restroom and look for Jon ... but alas, nothing!

I cried myself to sleep that night . I was so sure if Jon had met me, there would have been romance! Poor 11 year old me!

I did meet Tommy Page that night though ... he was the first act that hit the stage that night. He was really nice and signed autographs. I was so sorry to hear of his death a few months ago.

Did you end up ever meeting Jon?

I did. I finally met him on this tour. And I was able to gather my thoughts enough to tell him that he was my very first crush. And that I wore penny loafers as a young fan because he did. And he was so sweet and gave me a huge hug and it was amazing. He was so warm and so genuine I thought.

My friend that I went with and I both said after the meet and greet that John and Joe were absolutely so warm. So warm that it really took us by surprise. All of the other guys were still so nice but those two really stood out.

I met Joe a few months before the concert at an event for his show in Atlanta. And he was so sweet. And he and I are in the same actors union so that's what I talked with him about.

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