Step 41 - 80's/90's Holiday Memories: Part 1

It's time to revisit some holiday memories from the 80's and 90's!  Brooke and Nikki introduce "Pick a Pic" and share some of their favorite holiday memories and read memories from friends Courtney, Jenny, and Jill.

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Brooke & Nikki's "Pick a Pic" Holiday Memories

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Courtney's Holiday Memories

Hi girls!!

As promised my favorite Christmas memory. It was Christmas 1984- I was 8 years old and my sister was 6. It was was the year of the cabbage patch kid! My sister and I wanted one so badly. I can remember hoping up our gifts on Christmas morning and being disappointed cause there wasn’t one under the tree. Well my mom was being sneaky that morning. Our last thing to open up was a clue to find one last gift! I can’t recall now what the clue was or how long we searched but we found that last gift. We each got our cabbage patch kid! They were hidden in the laundry room. As you can see from the attached picture we both got the red headed girls just like us! We were so excited and couldn’t wait to show them off later that day when family came over for Christmas dinner. That was my favorite Christmas gift of my childhood!

Thanks for reading!

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Jennifer's Holiday Memories

Hi Ladies!

This is Jenny aka @slpngjenbelle on twitter and IG and Jennifer Leahy in the Facebook group.

My fave holiday memory has got to be Christmas pajamas!!! Every year my mom would get us a new set, and back in the early 80’s we all know they were usually nightgowns! 😹 Oh and let’s not forget putting rollers in our hair before bed - they were so tight it hurt to sleep!

I found a pic of one of my fave toys from Santa, my Wuzzle named Rhinokey. That pic has to be circa 1986-ish (pre new kids days lol). The next best memory is when I got my new kids Christmas tape. We played it for the next few years on Christmas Eve while we got ready for Santa!

Thanks ladies!

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Jill's Holiday Memories

My family moved to South Florida from Philadelphia in 1981 for my dad's job. A few years later we had a pool put in our back yard. My mom thought it would be a great idea to have my brother and I take a picture with our feet in the pool to send as Christmas cards to our extended family back in Philly. I'm sure we drove her crazy that day because we complained the entire time. I can still remember how cold that pool was--at least to us Florida kids. You can see in the attached photo that my brother is very reluctantly dipping his toes in the pool. 

Despite the cold water torture, I totally lucked out in the parent department. They always went out of their way to make the holidays special. My dad would decorate the outside of our house like he was Clark Griswold. And my mom would try to get us everything on our lists--from waiting on line for Cabbage Patch Kids to going to the record store with a list of cds. 

One year my parents wrapped up a card that started with a scavenger hunt that ended with me dialing an unfamiliar phone number. I lost my mind and jumped up and down when I realized that phone number was ringing in my bedroom. They got me my very own phone line, which was a huge deal in the early 90s before cell phones.

After opening presents many Christmases were spent trying to play video games with my brother which usually resulted in me crying because he was so much better than me. I never got to play because he never died to give me a turn. As an adult he now makes a living programming video games so I guess he was just doing research. To relive those memories, this year I bought him a retro Atari game. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play. 

I also included a picture of my brother sitting on Santa's lap with a Mr T look-alike because it's too good not to. 

Happy holidays to you two and the entire My So Called Whatever community! 

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