Step 46 - NKOTB Block Party: Episode 22 - My So-Called, New Kids on the Block, Weekend with Kim, Jackie, and Maria

This past weekend two girls from Maine (Brooke & Nikki), two gals from New York (Jackie & Maria), and 1 Connecticut chick (Kim) met in what turned out to be one amazing NKOTB epic weekend we like to call #MySoCalledWeekend.  Join us as we discuss one special tweet, our travels through Boston including a special tour, Novara, Alma Nove, and Wahlburgers.

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My So-Called Weekend Timeline Gallery

Here's a visual timeline of all the places we visited while we were in Boston.  There used to be a really nice tour that was done with a tour guide but it no longer exists - so we created our own.  Click on any of the images to view them in a larger window.

Jackie's Previous Tour (these pics weren't taken this weekend)

These are photos from a previous trip that Jackie had taken where she was able to get a tour inside of the Knight's former residence. Click on any of the images below to view them in a larger window.

NKOTB Home Tour from 1990

This is not ours but this girl is amazing for posting this home tour.  Check out all the girls waiting to catch a glimpse of the guys AND the jean on jean!  So awesome.  From our photos above, looks like the box that you see at the Knight home has been replaced :(

Other Links

A similar scratch and sniff Swatch Watch that Jackie was talking about:

Want to learn more about Mercury in Retrograde? Take a look at this link that Jackie found:

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