Step 51 - 80s and 90s Nostalgia - Ice Storms, Self Acceptance, Character Influences, Stories from Charlene, and Staying the Same with Joey McIntyre

Join us (Nikki & Brooke) as we hang out with our friend Charlene and talk about ALL THE THINGS including our character influences growing up, the ice storm of 1998, and the journey of self acceptance - thanks to an amazing email from our friend Jill.    

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Step 51 Show Notes

Snow, Ice Storms, School Showers, and Googling

  • Bomb Cyclone or Noreaster
  • Brooke has NO heat *update she now has heat
  • The NO-TO-RI-O-US Ice Storm of 1998 (see YouTube Video below if you want to learn more!)
  • Showering after gym?
  • Nudity in 80's movies - specifically 16 Candles shower scene
  • Careful what you Google in front of your kids (don't google "Princess Leia Buns")

Stranger Things (NO SPOILERS)

  • Matthew Modine quick story - "he is not the bad guy"
  • Do we need to do a Stranger Things episode block?
  • Justin Doble (writer and producer) is FROM MAINE (Go Maine!)

Self Acceptance - The Greatest Love of All

  • We're ready for more Donnie Wahlberg life inspiration
  • Joe McIntyre "Team Mac" - Let's get this website done (from Nikki)
  • Jill's Email:  reminding us to trust our gut, celebrating you and all that you love, and reminding us that we are often the only ones standing our way.
  • Stay real.  Stay authentic.  Stay the same.  You keep doing you and surround yourself with people that allow you to do that.
  • We hit 500 people in our Facebook Group!
  • "Don't you ever wish you were someone else?" VS "Don't you ever wish you were someone else."

Female (and Male) Character Influences

  • Molly Ringwald, Annie Potts, and Pretty in Pink
  • Wayne's World Love and a Tia Carrere story from Charline
  • The importance of Brat Pack Movies
  • Heathers, Winona Ryder, and Christian Slater

Quick Interruption/Topic Change

  • Catching Brooke up
  • Can we make it to one of Joey McIntyre's solo shows?

Female (and Male) Character Influences (Continued)

  • We meet Cora!
  • More Christian Slater
  • Reality Bites
  • Clarissa Explains it All and the hamster namesake
  • Brooke's favorite movie
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Straight hair vs. curly


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