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Step 52 - NKOTB Block Party #27: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Jennifer, Sandy, Joy & Jamie

Step 52 - NKOTB Block Party #27: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Jennifer, Sandy, Joy & Jamie

Join us (Brooke & Nikki) with our special guests (and friends) Kristine & Michelle as we celebrate #BHLove and hear some pretty amazing stories from our friends Jennifer, Sandy, Joy, and Jamie!  Welcome to the Block Party - we ain't leaving out NOBODY

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Jennifer's Story

A story that includes being a fan and not having really met a NK.. hope this can help you. Above pictures: Me and Paul at Walhburgers in Hingham, Me and Mr. Wood at Solo Wood, Atlanta, Me as a teen, I had a Joe button above me in the corner and my bear had the NKOTB fan club button on it, I still have it, Me and Danny at Solo Wood

I first heard about NKOTB when I was about 14 years old, I really can't remember what song I heard first but I remember taping their songs from the radio and then later on my birthday spending all of my money on anything NKOTB. I got my first tape of Hangin Tough and then the first album (this was around the year JC Penney had the tshirts of them with the writing around their faces). I remember wearing a Joe keychain on a necklace around my neck and then pinning all of my pins on a blue jean vest to wear to school. People often commented about my attire and I was proud to display these guys!

I was a Joe girl when I was younger, I bought all of the teen magazines and one of my friends would give me loads of Joe pictures from one of her friends. I had a designated corner of my room for my posters, they looked like wallpaper and I had a few posters on my ceiling. I remember one night I had on "Treat Me Right" and I was dancing pretty hard in my room, the next thing I knew I fell to the floor.. I had knocked my knee out of socket. I struggled to crawl my way into the livingroom to tell my parents I hurt my knee but I told them I ran into my room and hurt it. I was lucky that I didn't tear a ligament, I had to wear a wrap on my knew for a few months and it's okay now.

In 1990 I heard they were coming to the city near my tiny hometown and I begged my parents to bring me to get tickets. Unfortunately my grandma was the one who brought me and a friend to stand out in line one Saturday morning to get them.Before the concert me and my friend ventured around the mall in hopes of seeing the NK's, we never saw one. We also had made posters to bring to the concert, I made one with Joe's face on it and the caption "I Love Joe Bird!" My friends had "I Love J (Jordan)!"  My grandmother brought me and my friend  to the concert, even though it was in the nosebleed section I was still so excited to be there. 

Eventually years went by and in 2008 I heard "Summertime" when me and my family were stationed overseas. I was so excited! I had really forgotten about NKOTB but deep down they never left me. In 2010 we found out we were going to be moving to Boston for my husband's job, I heard they were touring there the next year but I didn't buy a ticket until we moved there. Even though it was in the nosebleeds again, I still had fun. I found out before this concert that NK would be making a second concert that year (NKOTBSB) at Fenway Park. I was determined to get either 4 or 5 star that year and ended up getting 4 star. I didn't meet a NK but I was so close to the stage that I had a more unbelievable experience than the past 2 concerts I also became a BSB fan that year because of the awesome concert at Fenway. I also was able to visit Walhburgers twice before they started restaurant chains around the globe. I met Paul one Sunday and he was really nice, I told him "I was a NK fan" and he just smiled.

In 2013 ? NK were presenting their new album "10" and were coming to Boston again to have a special concert (there was no meet and greet at this one). I got great seats and ended up going even though I had bronchitis and later laryngitis from screaming so loud. It was a memorable experience because they only had this special concert in Boston at that time.

We moved to another state in a few years and I went to the Main Event tour with a friend  (me 4 star again and I met Danny's dad for the first time did I mention that I went from a Joe girl to a Danny girl in 2009?) Mr. Wood was standing right beside me and I finally spoke to him. He was really sweet and tried to talk to me during the concert but with it being so loud I barely heard him.. he warned me when Donnie was going to come through the crowd and told me "to be careful so I wouldn't get knocked down." I touched Donnie's hand that night , his sweaty smooth hand! His hand was so soft! I didn't meet a NK but I touched Donnie's hand. I was also on the end right in front of the stage that night. 

The following year Solo Wood was coming out from Danny and I had to go, I couldn't get anyone to go with me and my husband was deployed so I went by myself. I finally got to take a selfie with Danny even though it took 2 seconds! He was nice and he also had a great concert. He was very up close and personal at his concert and it was very laid back. I saw Mr. Wood again and pretty much told him my life story.. he was as sweet as before and we could pretty much hear each other this time. 

This past summer I went to the latest concert with a friend and sat in the nosebleed section but I loved every minute of it. My favorite place to be at the concert is up front, it just seems so much more exciting and it's just so much more fun. I know not everyone can get good seats and I have been so fortunate to get 4 star twice. 

I haven't met anymore NK's but I hope to someday, hopefully at their next concert! I haven't been on a cruise yet but would love to especially if I found someone to go with. It's just great they are still touring, they share their lives with us, they have a cruise and still make music. I would love to hear more music on the radio just so everyone who aren't fans can really hear how awesome they are. They have come a long way since Hangin Tough! I love them! 

Sandy's Story

Hi I'm Sandy .

My new kids journey started at the age of 9 .I saw I'll be loving you forever video on tv and wondered who these guys were .Then I asked for the Hangin Tough cassette tape for Christmas which I got.I hadn't had a favorite member up until that point that I can remember. .Then I was watching MTV and saw the Please Don't Go Girl video and I took one look at Joey and I was hooked. Although I think I may have been a closet Donnie girl but wouldn't admit it #WeAreAllDonnieGirls . Sometime in 1990 I know it was Step By Step era I found myself crushing on Jon Knight .I was 10 years old and in the 4th grade .

This is where the story get's embarrassing to remember cause I knew deep down this wouldn't happen but a 10 year old brain was convinced. Anyway I wrote letters to the fan club but wasn't an official member and invited the boys to my 10th birthday party .Everyone kept saying Sandy it's not gonna happen but it was my dream. The day of the party comes and I was so excited I couldn't stand it .I lived in a trailer court at the time and you could see the main highway from my back yard everyime a car pulled into the trailer court I'd run around the side of the house to see if it was a tour bus .My two best friend went with me.Sadly it never happend.I never got to any concerts as a kid but I had friends that went. 

I got Joey and Jon dolls for Christmas 

2011 my step mom and I got tickets to the NKOTBSB concert in Pittsburgh .We had awesome seats {video below of full concert }I had some awesome moments and screamed my head off.

I've attached a  pick of the dolls ,me at the concert, and the day of my birthday party .Feel free to put these up on the site .I enjoy your post cast especially the block head stories I get to live my child hood dreams through other blockheads some of gotten a chance to meet these wonderful men. If someone would've told me that in 2008 when the boys returned that they'd still be around now I'd said your nuts I thought it was going to be an album and a tour and that's it.I look forward to hearing more stories

My concert in Pittsburgh PA June 15, 2011.I taped this there is no copy right .So do not accuse me of it thanks

Joy's Story

So, first of all, I love your pod cast and thanks for following me back.  Here is my story ☺

I became a New Kids fan when I was 15 years old (soon to be 16) in 1988.  I was actually a Menudo fan sorta.  Mainly only because my friend was and they were cute!  I heard Please don’t go girl and like everyone else who heard it for the first time, thought that the guys were black. ☺  I fell in love with that song as soon as I heard it and became a fan instantly!  I remember going to a bigger mall with my church youth group at Christmas time and buying a Bop magazine that had the guys picture in it.  I developed an intense crush with Jordan right then and there.  And then my collection began!! Every last penny I earned went to everything New Kids!  I grew up in an extremely religious and strict home and listening to “rock music” was strictly forbidden. So the New Kids became my secret love!  I became a member of their fan club, but had to use my best friends address for everything to be sent to her so my parents would not find out.  I bought tons of t-shirt via mail (also sent to my friend) and would change into them whenever I left the house!  So rebellious, right???!!! Ha ha!!   Of course, I went to a private school where if you attended a secular concert, you would be expelled from school.  So I was never able to see them in concert as I grew up.  I remember plugging my ear phones to my boom box in on weekends to hear Open House Party on the radio because they always talked about New Kids and they were on the radio with the host, John Garabedian, sometimes.   I remember actually calling in a nighty-night (just like many other girls) to Jordan several times!!  Good thing my parents were in bed and never listened to secular radio stations or I would have been punished for sure!

Then life happened.  I grew up.  I went off to college where I had opportunity to go to a New Kids concert but, like most college students, was flat broke!  I never quit loving them and listening to their music.  By the time I finished college, the guys had broken up.  I was heartbroken!  I packed up all my New Kids stuff and placed it all in a large memory box.  From time to time, through the years, I would open it and look back and reminisce and wonder what they were up to, but my life moved forward. I started my career, got married, and had a couple kids.  When I heard that the guys were getting back together in 2008, my kids were 5 and 3 years old.  I felt that flutter in my heart and longed to go to their concert.  Even though I had been out on my own and had my own family, I still had a fear of disappointing my parents and felt they would reject me if I went.  I know that sounds strange and ridiculous to most, but this is the way I grew up.  So I would not go to see them, though I longed to.

Fast forward to 2016.

I moved away (2 hours) from my parents as a 43 year old woman with a husband and 2 kids and finally felt like I was in control of my life and I could do whatever I wanted.  I don’t know if it was a mid life crisis or it just took me that long to break away. So in November 2016, I decided I was going to go to see the guys the next summer.  I bought two tickets for their opening show in Columbus, Ohio.  I didn’t know who was going to go with me, but I didn’t feel like I could go alone.  I thought about taking my 13 year old son, but was afraid I would not be able to let loose and be myself.  I would still be in the mom role.  So I decided to take my 18 year old niece. It was a blast!!!  I fangirled all over the place.  My niece could not stop laughing and saw a side to her aunt that she had never seen before and later told me how much she enjoyed watching me be a teenager again!!  We didn’t have the best seats but I had the best time!!  Like many other blockheads, it was just as if I was 15 again, but this time, I wasn’t hiding my love for them!  I was on a such a high after that concert and I knew they were coming to Cincinnati the next week.  I looked at tickets and debated over and over if I should.   I wanted pit tickets.  I wanted to be close!  But I knew I could not afford to buy 2 tickets at that price to have my niece attend with me again.  So I didn’t buy them.  I didn’t want to be alone.  The day of the concert, I looked at tickets all day so badly wanting to experience them again.  I finally bought them.  Pit tickets and I would have to go alone! I was nervous going there alone.  I thought, I might see them up close, but not sure I will have a great time. I was so wrong!!!  Before the venue opened, I was waiting outside and met two very wonderful sisters.   I told them I came there alone and they adopted me!  Then I found out that they were in the pit as well.  It was like I had always known them and we instantly formed a bond!  Not only did I get to see the guys up close, but I made two forever friends who are going on the cruise with me next year! (They have already been once so I won’t be a total Blockhead cruise virgin when I go!!)  I am forever #thankful for the guys inadvertently extending my family that day to include these two wonderful ladies! I would have never known them otherwise!

Anyway, here is my moment.  I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I partied, and if truth be told, I probably wet myself a little!!!  I can’t explain the freedom I felt. Maybe a little too much freedom.  We were right against the stage and Joe came over and was so close.  Everyone else began to touch his legs (below the knee).  I figured there wasn’t enough room for my hand so I went above the knee and began to rub his inner thigh (OMG!  A whole new kind of hot flash).  He was wearing those tight white jeans and…. I better stop!! Whew!   Anyway, I wasn’t watching him but watching where I was rubbing and I happened to look up and he was looking straight at me with a look of shock and disbelief on his face. I sheepishly grimaced.  He shook his head no, then smiled the biggest smile and reached for my hand.  I took my hand off his inner thigh and put my hand in his hand. And for all of maybe 10 seconds, my teenage dream came true.  He smiled and sang and did a couple hip thrusts all while holding my hand!!!  I haven’t stopped smiling to this day every time I think of it.  Best $234 I have ever spent in my life!!!

Now you may think I became a Joe girl and left my first love, Jordan.  But no.  Don’t get me wrong.  Those baby blue eyes took a little chunk of my heart that night, but there is still that teenage part of my heart that will forever belong to Jordan.  These days, I am more of a Donnie girl.  As a grown woman, I have fallen in love with his heart!!  So I look forward to the day when I can write back in to you guys and tell you about my moment with Donnie!!  Maybe next year on the cruise!

Keep doing your thing ladies and my fingers are crossed that Joe will guest star on your podcast!!!

Joy ☺

Jamie's Story

Jamie had previously sent us the amazing Jon/Towel story you can listen to in this episode

Hi Brooke & Nikki:

Ok, here’s another cute NKOTB story for you. This one happened during the Package Tour in 2013.

I have two best friends that I call my Sisters. They’re identical twins so they’re sisters with each other, just not with me. One (Amy) was my roommate on Cruise 2013 but our other sister Chrissy wasn’t able to cruise. She and I decided we would do VIP for the tour so that she would get to meet the New Kids for her first time at least in the same calendar year as her twin. We bought tickets for both nights in Chicago: regular tickets for the 1st night, and 5* VIP for the 2nd night. 

When it was our turn for our VIP photo group, we got our hugs down the line and stood together with Joe. He called us a couple of “beanpoles”, we must have given him a weird look because he then corrected himself and said “well, pretty ones”. LOL, what??? We still laugh about that one and Chrissy’s contact name in my phone will forever be Pretty Beanpole. Anyway....fast forward to the concert. We were having a blast being in the front row, getting hand grabs from Boyz II Men, 98*, and NKOTB as they came by. When it was time for the song Tonight, we knew that this meant that the guys were coming into the crowd. Jon came right past us, and towards the end of the song here comes Joe down the nearest aisle headed back to the stage...

I should take a moment to mention that I had my MacPac card with my VIP lanyard. What is a MacPac card, you ask? It is a “membership” type card that Joe sold a few years ago through his website (don’t start Nikki!!) in a pack with a messenger bag, cd’s, and this card. I didn’t get one then, but through the magic of eBay, now own two. I keep one in my wallet at all times (you just never know!) and always have one that I put on my lanyard whenever I’m at a New Kids event. And here’s why....on the back of the card reads the following: This card entitles you to one genuinely meaningful hug every time you see Joe Mac. Plus a lifetime of privileges in all things J.M. This card also gives you moxie, verve, and panache and allows you in challenging times to look fear in the eye and say “Let’s Get This.” It’s basically a card that requires Joey McIntyre to give you a hug if you wave it in his face. This has worked out very well for me & my friends many, many times.

Back to the concert....okay, so here comes Joe down the nearest aisle headed back to the stage. I wave that MacPac card high in the air and get his attention. He laughs and comes over with his arms out, but stops first and says “I hugged you already!” Um, maybe so McIntyre, but this here card says every time so....give me my hug and genuinely mean it. This was when I was new to the smartphone thing and had been switching between my phone & an old digital camera all night so I was neither prepared nor proficient enough to have captured the moment....but it lives on in my memory and inside jokes.

 xo Jamie


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