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Step 62 - NKOTB Block Party #32: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Drew, Shannon, Meg, Diane, and Lindsay & Billy

Step 62 - NKOTB Block Party #32: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Drew, Shannon, Meg, Diane, and Lindsay & Billy

Get ready for the block party - 'cause we ain't leaving out NOBODY. This week we hear a great story from Drew about a late 90's NKOTB Convention. We hear some great Joey McIntyre stories from our friend Shannon and realize just how small this BH world really is! Our friend, Meg, shares an amazing birthday story that ends with a kiss on the lips from one of the guys. Diane tells a story about preparation to record NKOTB and Lindsays tells us all a story about her friend Billy.

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Drew and the NKOTB Convention

Hello Ladies, Thanks for asking me to take this trip down memory lane to tell my story about the NKOTB convention!

It was 1998-1999 (Can't remember which!) and I had just moved to Boston.  It had been a dream for this Vermont girl to live in Boston ever since NKOTB introduced me to their beloved home town of Boston.  It had been years since they parted, but I was still a mega fan.  I was working as a Nanny for a very sweet family who heard me talking about how I wanted to go to the NKOTB convention that was being put on by a fan.  They purchased a ticket for me as a surprise.  I was so excited to be able to see and GO INTO the places I had only heard about from the guys.  I had made many trips by Joe's house in Brookline (I'm totally a Joe girl) and I loved spending time in JP, but this was THE OPPORTUNITY to get up close and personal with their family and see their hangouts.

The convention was over a weekend and there was a small group of ladies, mostly who were already friends.  I only knew my friend who agreed to do a video of the convention in exchange for an entrance.  She wasn't a fan though, she wanted to catch my fangirling on video.  I wish I could find the video now!  The convention was a blast.  We spent time in Hi-Fi Pizza, took a tour of DYC, went by Joe's house, toured Footlight Club (where the McIntyre family performed), got to talk to Danny on the phone, and had a cruise with their family members.  

Some highlights of this weekend were the folks I met along the way.  I don't remember anyone's names nor do I have any of their contact information.  I was like a tag along to their weekend fun.  It was great.  There were a couple "friends of the guys" that tagged along  I also don't remember who they were!  I've included pics in an email that will follow this one.

DYC told us that NKOTB and Mark Wahlberg continued to donate to them. I thought that was very sweet.  They continued to give back to a place that they felt had given a lot to them.

The cruise was a lot of fun.  Jon and Jordan's sister and nephew were there, and I mostly enjoyed chatting with Dan Sr.  He is a total sweetie.  At the end I felt really sad that NKOTB wasn't together anymore.  Also during the convention we spoke to Danny on the phone and he was really funny.  His mom had just passed before the call.  It was great to hear from Danny about what things were like for him back in the day and what he was up to then.  If I had only known that they would get back together!  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined it.  We should do another convention now that the guys have gotten back together!

I'll have to send more stories, like when I went to see Joe in a mall outside of Boston for the release of Stay the Same!  I also met a group of really great ladies while we waited in line.  Joe, as always, was a sweetie, and I was a complete nervous wreck.  That man really does a number on me!

Love and NKOTB,


Shannon's Joey McIntyre Journey

I'm sorry this is so long! I tried to keep it a simple as I could. I'm unbelievably lucky to have some really great memories and it was hard to narrow it down into something suitable for your show. Anyway, here is my NKOTB story...

I first became aware of NKOTB when they appeared on the Nickelodeon show Don't Just Sit There in 1988 or 1989. I remember it very clearly. My younger sister and I were in our living room flipping through the channels on our big box tv (manually because there was no remote!) and we came upon this group of guys singing and I made her stop. I was immediately transfixed by the young blue eyed kid. I thought he was the most dreamy thing I'd ever seen...but I was worried that I might be too old for him. It was a few months before I heard anything about them again. When everyone suddenly started talking about this group that was touring with Tiffany and how cute they were I KNEW that it had to be the same group. I had just been to see Tiffany (my first concert) and I was very sad that I had missed out on seeing them too. I didn't have to wait long though. I soon found out that Tiffany was coming back to Maine, along with NKOTB and Tommy Page. My 2 best friends and I got tickets and we spent the weekend at my friend's camp in Old Orchard Beach. We were so excited because we were allowed to walk to the show all by ourselves with no adult supervision even though we were only 14. I credit that concert with turning me into a lifelong Blockhead. There was already such a sense of sisterhood. I remember chatting freely with all of the other girls around us and feeling so comfortable with them even though we had only just met. I was completely obsessed from that moment on. I saw them in concert 2 other times after that. By the time I started High School it was no longer cool to be a fan. I still loved them, but the mania had died down a lot and it was easier to move on to other interests. I was in college when Face The Music came out. My Mom sent me the CD in a care package and I listened to it frequently, but didn't really pay much attention to whether they were touring or not. In 1995 I met my husband and moved myself half way across the country to Illinois to be with him, leaving my family and friends, and my childhood crushes behind me.

A few years later, I once again received a care package from my mother. This time it contained a VHS tape of Joe's new Stay The Same video...and it ALL came right back. I was in a relationship though, and my then boyfriend didn't exactly love having his girlfriend drooling over some other guy so I kept it pretty low key. I also really didn't have any friends to share the love with which somehow made it feel less fun. The spark was back though, and from then on I kept tabs on what Joe was up to. The internet was a much bigger deal by the time Meet Joe Mac came out and I had joined the fan forum on Joe's website. I made some friends, and when we found out that there was going to be a CD signing near me one of them decided to drive up from downstate IL to go with me. We had never met, but we spent the day hanging out at the mall waiting in line chatting with each other and the other fans. We got our autographs and said hello. I remember being so in awe of the way Joe looked at me when it was my turn. He looked at me like he knew how important that moment was for me and so he was going to do his very best to give me his undivided attention even though he only had 30 seconds of it to give. He made me feel like he truly cared that I was there. In the end, it turned into one of my most humiliating moments as a fan, but that is a story for another time. I was able to see Joe in concert a few times between spring 2001, and December 2002. I got engaged on Christmas of that year, married the following June, and pregnant with my daughter by our first anniversary. I didn't have much attention to spare for the next few years, so even though I continued to keep tabs on his career, I no longer had time or money to attend shows the way I might have liked to.

Then 2008 hit and suddenly I was hearing rumors that NKOTB was coming back. I saw the sizzle video and my heart stopped for a second. I didn't know how to feel about this. I wanted them to come back, but only if they were going to really come back and do it right. I was not down for them coming back to be a punchline. You can imagine how excited I was as things began to unfold and I realized that they were proving themselves to be the men that I had always believed them to be. I couldn't resist getting tickets to see them. I was still worried that I would somehow be disappointed, but I had to find out for sure. I took my work friend and my sister in law with me and we had the most fun I could remember having in years. It was the perfect blend of nostalgia and new music. It was tongue in cheek campy fun that was obviously tailor made for their fans. It was proof that they loved us just as much as we loved them. It was everything. From that moment on, I was on the NKOTB fan forum every night. I started making friends with a bunch of other women in "Joeville" and we would spend hours and hours sharing stories, photos, and jokes. I loved hearing about what the guys were up to as they traveled the country, but mostly I loved feeling like I was part of a sisterhood again. I began to realize that people thought I was fun, and funny, and it made me feel really good about myself so I kept going back for more. There was always the sense that the guys were "lurking" and reading the things that we were posting, so I got the idea to create a thread in which we would suggest absolutely ridiculous and foolish ways for Joe to prove that he was paying attention without ever having to actually come out and say so. Soon after, things started to happen that made me feel like he was messing with me. He would do something subtle that would appear to be in answer to one of the crazy suggestions, but were never anything that I could prove. I kept my mouth shut because I figured people would think I was insane if I said anything. Then in early 2009 all of the guys joined twitter. Joe began answering questions and one night about a week or so after he joined I asked him if he had ever read the "MacManual", which was one of the threads on the forum and he responded. A few minutes later he came back and made a joke about a different thread I had created, and then finally indicated that he had found the MacManual, and told me that it had better be good. This was all happening late at night for me and I was in such a state of shock I couldn't think straight, but over the next few days I came to realize that the only way he could have stumbled across the thread he joked about as quickly as he did was if he had gone directly to MY personal page. One again, I was left with no way to prove it and questions about my own sanity. During this time my husband was laid off and many of my friends were doing meet & greets, and I was beginning to feel very left out. The Full Service Tour ended and people were convinced that it was the end. I didn't believe it was, but there was a break and I knew Joe was working on a solo record and I was as excited as I could be. Then in October of 2009 after 6 months of unemployment my husband got a new job, and Joe got on twitter to announce that he was going to have a contest for fans to have the opportunity to be in his new video. I knew that I had no business even considering entering the contest. I had a job that would be difficult to get away from, and no way to pay for a ticket to California...so I resigned myself to the fact that this was another thing that I was going to have to miss out on. Then the day of the contest happened and I was at home alone and I just couldn't resist. Joe announced that he would be back shortly to have the contest, and I prepared myself. He came back and tweeted that the first 30 people to email the address he was going to tweet would be the winners, so I opened up gmail and I opened up a message box and had it all prepared to go as I refreshed twitter continuously in another window. As I was doing so I decided that it seemed weird to send a blank email, so I typed in "I love you" and went back to refreshing. When I refreshed and the email address appeared, I switched back to my message screen and began to type it in and because it was an address he had already used for something else, it autofilled almost instantly and I clicked send. I knew I had been fast and I spent the next several minutes in a complete panic because I didn't know what I would do if I actually won. And then it happened. #5 Shannon (you wrote "I love you" in the email)....and I stopped breathing. I spent the next couple of days begging for favors and I managed to work it all out so that I could fly out to California for the video. My husband used his frequent flyer miles, one of my friends from the forum let me stay with her and drove me to and from the airport and the set, and my boss found someone to cover my class while I was gone. I couldn't eat from the time that I learned I'd won until I was on the plane because I was so nervous that something would stop me from going. My husband was starting his new job that very week, and my daughter got sick right before I was supposed to go, but she got better just in time. I felt like a terrible wife and mother, but I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would never forgive myself if I missed it. I am so grateful that it all worked out because it was an amazing day and I will cherish the memories I made forever. Joe was so caring and so hardworking. It was really cool to have the opportunity to see him in such an intimate setting and in a way that most people don't get to experience. After the shoot was over he took the time to take photos and sign autographs for all of us. When he came to me I first asked him to sign something for my friend, and then I said "Oh, I'm Shannon by the way" and he got this look on his face like that meant something to him and he said "Oh!...Right! HI! It's nice to meet you"...and once again I was left feeling like I must be crazy to think that he actually knew who I was on some level. After that he took us into a theater and let us watch a preview of the video and he took a group photo with all of us. After the day of the video shoot he responded to a few more of my tweets to him, and then several weeks later on the night that his "Macpac 3000" went on sale he followed me back on Twitter.

His tweet said "just started following @simlpyshannon (his misspelling not mine) I been looking for you girl. I'm serious! Welcome. Let me know when u want me to stop stalking u." I was flabbergasted. He had only just started following fans. I had hoped to be one of the fortunate ones, but I'd refused to get my hopes up too high. It was a long time before I realized all that his tweet might actually have implied.

Since that time I have had several interactions with Joe and they have all been beyond anything I could ever have imagined that day that I was sitting in my living room flipping through channels on my tv, becoming smitten by a pair of beautiful blue eyes. All of my stories can be found on my blog...http://adventuresofajoegirl.blogspot.com

As much as I cherish these stories, I cherish even more the friends that I have made along the journey. This sisterhood is as real as it gets and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I hope you enjoyed it. I included a few photos from the video shoot as well as a couple of photos from some of the meet and greets I've done.

Meg's NKOTB Happy Birthday Story

Hey ladies! So, my "birthday girl" story has some background. Over the last several years I've had some tough years and my birthdays have been far from fun. On my 37th birthday I was 11 weeks pregnant. After suffering one miscarriage and then having a successful one, I was happy, but cautious. Well, on the night of my 37th birthday, it happened. I miscarried. 2 more miscarriages followed. Some other disappointing things happened on my 38th birthday so for my 39th I just asked for NO DRAMA! Several weeks after my 39th birthday, I gave birth to my second living child at 34 weeks gestation and I, myself needed emergency surgery following the delivery. He had several rough days, but we were able to bring him home after 10 days in the NICU, but racked up an obscene amount of hospital bills. 

So, several months later with a horribly colicky baby, the tour was announced. I wanted to go, but good lord, would I be able to leave this baby, could i financially manage? I figured he would be almost a year old, so hopefully the baby would be better by then. Anyway, the show in my city was announced as the day BEFORE my bday. I tried to get good seats and no such luck. I told my fellow BH concert partner in crime that if they added a show on my ACTUAL birthday that I would go all out and spend all the money for meet and greet. Who cares that I am up drowning in medical bills, right?  I forgot to mention that I was going to have a 40th birthday party, but seeing the guys up close and personal was WAY more appealing than a party. Anyway, a little time passes and then I get the call that changed my life (a little dramatic, right? LOL). My friend called to say a show was added ON MY BIRTHDAY! I told her I was in!! When the tickets went on sale, I was still on maternity leave so I logged in and boom, got VIP! I was so excited. Then my credit card wouldn't go through! I have never charged such a large amount so the fraud protection wouldn't let me purchase the tickets! Luckily my friend had also been trying to get tickets and she bought them on her card. Fast forward several months and I heard the amazing rumor that the guys brought a BH onstage and sang happy birthday. I HAD to figure out a way to get noticed. I turned to Amazon and searched for 40th birthday hat. They had tiaras, sashes and such, but I am far from a tiara kind of gal. Well, the perfect had said "It's my f**king birthday" but the real word, no editing. I thought, no way can I wear this hat with my job. What if someone sees it? I came up with the idea to alter the hat so I got a piece of paper and taped over the profanity, so it read, "It's my fortieth birthday". Ok, so leading up to the concert, I told anyone who would listen that for my 40th bday, I was going to the NKOTB show and they were going to pull me onstage to sing happy birthday. People believed me. They asked how I knew, and I said I was just putting it out there for the universe to hear and I wasn't sure if they'd pick me. Leading up to the concert, I had dreams of being picked. My family thought I was crazy. My mom told me that I really needed to stop saying it would be me because I would be devastated when it wasn't. I didn’t listen. Lol 

I joined a few fb NKOTB groups to see if I could get any information and one of the lucky bday girls was answering questions. She basically said it was luck if there was more than one person with a bday that day. I met some awesome women in these fb groups. I even found one going to the concert the day before mine and she walked me through the day with times of everything and where I could pump. It really took a lot of stress off of me and I’m forever grateful to her. We actually met for the first time this December! 

Ok, so the day of the concert finally arrived. We got to the venue and we needed to find our group of 10 for the meet and greet. I'm a Donnie girl with tendencies for all the others, so normally I wouldn't care who I stood by, but this was my birthday and I wanted to stand by Donnie. Yeah, me and the rest of the girls looking for a group. My friend is a Joey girl. We weren't able to complete a group, so the staff added girls to our group and told us to work it out. We checked in without determining who would stand next to who. I told the staff member that it was my birthday and I had to show her my license. She took my picture and told me that I would be notified if it was me. Well, the stand off for Donnie was real. As I was standing there waiting to go meet them, I kept thinking about how I really wouldn't care if I stood next to Donnie if I knew I'd be picked for the birthday girl. I asked the staff member when the bday girl is picked and it wouldn't be until AFTER my M&G. I started thinking about karma and actually talked to another girl about it and I gave up my spot. A short time later I found out that I gave my spot up to a woman who is a veteran, so I felt even better about my choice. I said if I didn't get Donnie, I wanted to be with Jonathan and the others obliged. As we stood in line waiting to meet them, I was trying to figure out what the heck I would say when it was our turn. Well, if anyone has done m&g, the whole process of meeting all 5 guess is about 60 seconds. We felt rushed talking so I didn't really say much to the guys, and frankly, I didn't know what to say anyway! Danny asked if it was really my birthday and I said yes. Donnie wished me a happy 25th birthday. Jordan didn't say anything and I stepped on his foot when I hugged him, so I apologized. I stopped for the picture with Jon and told him how much I loved seeing him and Harley on the Amazing Race and he thanked me. The pic was done and then I hugged Joey without saying anything. CAN YOU SAY DEER IN HEADLIGHTS???? Well, next thing you know, I turn around and the girl I gave "my" Donnie spot to is still standing there while other groups meet the guys. Her friend proceeds to tell us that Donnie told her he wanted an individual picture since she was a veteran. I couldn't believe it! She got a one on one picture with him AND the group. I tried not to be disappointed, but man, I really wanted a pic next to Donnie. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE them all and if I do another m&g I'll want to stand with Jon, but at the time, I was really wishing I had the Donnie moment. 

After we are done, I decide to go back to the check in area to see if they'll tell me how many other birthday girls checked in. 2 others besides me, so I had a 33% chance. I went back to the "party" and tried to enjoy myself. Several people wished me a happy birthday and I even saw Danny's dad. I laughed because he said the SAME thing his son said, "Is it really your birthday?" He asked if I wanted a picture with him and of course, I said yes! We chatted for a few minutes and he was just the sweetest man and I loved his accent! The veteran in my group told a staff member how I gave up my spot in the picture and I should be the one picked. The staff member said she didn't make the decision, but that was nice of me and good luck. As we were walking to the venue, I saw the original girl who checked me in and took my picture. I thanked her and told her to have a great tour. She stopped me and said, "It's you!" I was in shock and it didn't 100% sink in. The girls in my group (that I JUST met) started screaming. I swear I almost knocked down the table to give this woman a hug! She told me that she would come to my seat later to explain more. I think I floated the rest of the way to the venue. 

Now, here's a funny part of the story. I had a breast pump and security was checking our bags. The security guard allowed me to bring in my pump as his face became extremely red from embarrassment. I found the first aid station and my friend came with me. As I was pumping I noticed that the armpits of my shirt were white from me sweating off my deodorant!! Here I was afraid I would pee my pants if I was picked and no, I'm dealing with sweaty pits and deodorant marks! I used the water I purchased to try to rub on the white stains and prayed my stress/excitement sweating would stop! 

Boys II Men and Paula Abdul were great, but I would lie if I said I wasn't thinking about the bday moment from the second I found out! After Paula, the staff member came to my seat and told me that security would come get me after "Didn't I blow your mind" so I should be ready. I'm not going to lie, that REALLY helped me enjoy the show. However, the anticipation once they started singing from the first album was something fierce! After "didn't I blow your mind" no one came. I thought that they must have picked someone else. Oh well, another bday let down and then it happened, a security guard tapped my shoulder and told me to follow him. We walked quickly through the crowd and to the side of the stage. Another security guard took my hand and told me to wait. Danny then walked toward me and took my hand. Ladies, it was CRAZY!!!!! It felt like it was just me and them. I tried looking for my friend but I couldn't see her. It might have been the lights or maybe just my excitement of being on stage. I was wearing a button that said "kiss me it's my birthday", which none of the guys commented on during M&G and frankly, I forgot I was wearing it! Well, as I went to give Jon a hug, he said "kiss me it's my birthday" and he puckered. Well, I NEVER in one million years expected that, so I leaned in for him to kiss my cheek and he didn't. I looked and he was still puckered, so I did what any married NKOTB woman would do, I smooched his lips! Then I fangirled and almost died. Donnie brought me back to the moment and said her hat says "It's my 40th birthday" but it REALLY says (he ripped off the paper) "It's my f-ing birthday". I laughed but in my head I thought, I'll never be able to post any pictures on FB with this on my hat! Again, because of my job. Anyway, Jon started to sing and it was seriously incredible. His voice was beautiful and the other guys were coming in and out of my line of sight. I had no idea where to look or what to do. Jordan kissed my hand at the end, as he did for all bday girls, and he gave me the BEST hug. Way better than his M&G hug. I asked for a selfie, and at the last minute, I took off my hat. Danny took me back to the security guard, who then ushered me back to my seat. It was then that I realized how I was in front of allllllll these blockheads. Women were screaming at me, most were happy birthday messages and you're so lucky. I got one "you lucky bitch" but I'll take that as a compliment! Even walking to our car after the concert people were wishing me a happy birthday. For the most part everyone was VERY kind. I had strangers try to find me so that I could see videos or pictures they took. I cannot thank these women enough. Where we were sitting was not ideal, so my friend's video didn't turn out very well. I was overwhelmed that these women tried to find me and I cherish their photos and videos. 

I couldn't sleep that night and I continue to pinch myself to this day. I can't believe I was picked. I can't believe Jon KISSED me. ON THE. LIPS! I can't believe I'm one of what? 48 women that had the experience. I’ve had the HONOR of speaking to several of the other bday girls and it’s a strange bond that is hard to explain. Maybe not too hard to explain since blockhead sisters seem to get it.  No birthday will ever be the same. From this point forward I will simply hope for a tweet or reply on my big day, but I won't ever be disappointed if I don't get it. Because, I mean, really, my 10 year old self had her DREAM come true. 

Here I am 7 months later and it still makes me smile and giddy! Yes, I’m still paying off our NICU and medical bills, but this NKOTB experience was worth every cent! You only live once! That being said, there will be no cruise in my near future, but I’m going to save up as soon as possible for a future cruise. I’m so thrilled that birthdays will have happy memories again. I’ll never forget I lost my baby on my birthday, but the joyous story of my 40th will outshine my sadness!

Diane's NKOTB Story

I'm just going to jump right in and tell my story before I get off track. My dad was in the Air Force and when I was in the 7th or 8th grade we lived in Mississippi. I loved the NKOTB before this happened. I have too different things I want to tell, but first I have never got to see them in concert, and have never meet them. Anyway, do you remember they would send you the TV Guide if you wanted it. I would come home from school and ask for it. I would sit down and carefully go thru it to see when NKOTB were going to be on TV. I would record it as I'm watching, and sing and dance. I can't sing but I didn't care. Dad was in his chair looking at me like I had lost my mind, and laughing. I know he was happy that I was having fun. 

A friend and I on the bus one day were talking about the NKOTB. Jeremy was in the seat in front of us heard us talking and turned around looked at me and said why do like them for when you could like me. I laughed and said cause they are better looking then you. Don't get me wrong I did like him, but not like I NKOTB and Nikki just like you I am a Joey girl. Also I wanted to ask you did you ever get to see the video of cowboy night on the cruise when Joey strips? 

Thanks for these podcasts I really enjoying them. Diane

Lindsay & Billy Jeffery

So it has come to my attention that most people probably had no idea who Billy Jeffrey was when I mentioned his name in my Donnie stories.  No need to wonder any longer! Here is an explanation of my story about The Main Event concert.

Originally it was supposed to be my mom, my dad, and me attending the concert. However my mom stayed home to take care of my grandma who lived with us and had Alzheimer’s. There was a gap in her home health aide coverage so my mom stayed home and my nurse Denise went in her place. The show was on Father’s day at MSG as you might remember from my original story. We had great seats. I was on the aisle right behind the bar stools. We met two super-nice blockheads behind us who I still keep in touch with to this day.

So I think it was pretty early on in the show, maybe even before it started, at least before NKOTB came on, that I, my nurse, and the two ladies behind us noticed this really good-looking guy standing off to the left near the corner of the stage (remember how the stage was square?). I’m watching the people in front of us stare at him and start talking about him – of course I start staring at him too and can’t help but eavesdrop on what the bar stool people are saying. This guy looks super familiar. I know I’ve seen him somewhere but cannot place him at all. I’m thinking that he’s probably from TV but I just cannot figure it out. Anyways, the show is going on and Jordan is standing at the corner of the stage near us. Denise is trying to get a picture of him for me but we were kind of at a bad angle to get a decent picture of him. So Billy sees that Denise is having trouble and asks if we want him to take the picture for us since he’s literally standing in front of the corner of the stage. We say sure and hand him my camera. He comes back, gives the camera back, and we thank him. Then later on he asks if I want a program. Denise said sure figuring it might be a signed program (it was) and my dad starts to say “Oh no thank you, she has one”. Denise says “Shhh she doesn’t have a signed one!” During the show Billy talks to my dad and he tells my dad that he’s the kind of famous where people recognize him but can’t place him which is very true. Towards the end of the show he asks me who my favorites were from NKOTB. I said Joey and Donnie and then Donnie surprised me at the end of the show by coming down off the stage to give me a hug and a kiss. That was all because of Billy.

After the show was over, we talked to Billy for a bit and he took my phone to take a selfie with me (I’m so not a selfie person but hey he wanted to do it so of course I was going to go along with it). He then takes my phone, asking me if I’m on Twitter and Instagram. I barely used Twitter back then and I had an Instagram account but had never posted anything. I tell him yes but that I don’t really use Instagram and Denise hushes me again saying “You’ll use it now”. So he follows himself on my Twitter and Instagram account and from that day on I became kind of active on Instagram (so thanks Billy for that!). He was just such a nice guy and really went out of his way that night to be so kind to me. I will never forget that.

BUT – as if things couldn’t get any more awesome – on June 26th, 2015 I see that on June 23rd, the day after the show Donnie tweeted, “I’m the lucky one. It’s why I do this.” with a friggen link to my Instagram post of the video of Donnie giving me a hug at The Main Event!!!! He saw my Instagram post!!! I’m shocked. I’m speechless. I’m floored. Immediately, I message Billy on Instagram, send him the screenshot of the tweet and say “did you see this???”. He replied and said “I did see that. I showed him the video…we love you girl”. Omg I could not believe Billy showed Donnie my video let alone the fact that Donnie tweeted a link to it!!

Ok so now that I told you what actually happened let me tell you who Billy is. First of all, at some point during that night I learned that he’s a Chippendale. I guess women knew that because at the end of the show some ladies were asking to take pictures with him. Then after doing some googling I realized that he was a contestant on this reality show called True Beauty that I actually watched. It was on for one season on abc. He’s also a model/small-time actor/does something with GNC. He’s a blockhead but he’s also friends with the guys, especially Donnie I think. From his Instagram photos, it seems like he was friends with Donnie before Donnie and Jenny got together but I could totally be misreading things. Donnie actually had him on an episode of Blue Bloods. I knew he had been on the NKOTB Cruise before so I just recently sent him a message asking if he’ll be on the cruise in October. He said if he’s not touring, he’ll be there. So there you have it! That’s who Billy Jeffrey is – a really awesome guy that made The Main Event show such a special night for me.

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Step 63 - NKOTB Block Party #33: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories With Our Friend and Special Guest Amber

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