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Step 65 - NKOTB Block Party #34: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Katie (Part 1), Kelly and the NKOTB Clambake, Tammie Loves DDub, and Jackie's Sister (Jocelyn) on Blue Bloods

Step 65 - NKOTB Block Party #34: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Katie (Part 1), Kelly and the NKOTB Clambake, Tammie Loves DDub, and Jackie's Sister (Jocelyn) on Blue Bloods

It's time for the Block Party and boy do we have a fan story episode for you this week! Listen to Katie talk about her NKOTB beginnings in part 1 of her story, hear Kelly, recount a very special NKOTB Clambake/BBQ with 5 very special guys (and their families), get exited for Tammie's love for the one and only Donnie Wahlberg and her special moments on the cruise, and last but not least hear an amazing story from Jackie about her amazing sister's appearance on Blue Bloods. So much Donnie love #WeAreAllDonnieGirls

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Katie's NKOTB Journey - Part 1

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Kelly's New Kids on the Block Clambake Story

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Tammie's Loves DDub (Donnie Wahlberg)

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I have been a fan since 88-89. I grew up near a major venue and was lucky enough to have gone to 5 or 6 shows during their first run (my mom was a Jordan girl and never minded taking me lol). I’ve been a Donnie girl since the beginning (I look at him now and think DAMN, 10 yr old me had excellent taste! #ODG forevah!!). Aside from 1 show during their reunion tour, adulting kept me occupied until 2015. My BH PIC (and one of my oldest friends) Jackie and I went it to 2 shows during The Main Event, and then made a YOLO pact and committed to being onboard cruise 2016. As wide eyed cruise virgins, we had NO IDEA what to really expect and were SO excited about all the possibilities! My Donnie girl dreams came true after that first Sail Away party when I found myself in the right place for an impromptu selfie line with boyfran (my 1st pic with him!!). My #bergblocked curse was broken! Fangirl confession-I bawled my eyes out while I laughed hysterically. I freakin LOVE that guy! (Side note-none of the pictures Donnie took with fans after Sail Away 2016 were ever posted online. To say I was crushed would be an understatement. I cried about it. Reminded Donnie #WhatStuSaid. Begged and pleaded. See attached photo of the MISSING poster I made) We knew were wanted to “camp out” for at least one lido party, despite reading all the horror stories on the cruise boards. Friends saved us spots near the stage on Neon Night, and it. was. AMAZING. I still can’t believe what I saw lol The pictures and videos I took that night...whew. We were right in the path of the main stage and one of the side stages, and TOTALLY got to CROWD SURF Donnie and Jordan. (I have an awesomely mortifying video of Donnie’s surf...I call it A Tale From Under The Mallow 🤣The shrieks and squeals that came from me where wholly unexpected lol) A group of us decided to camp for GPS NIGHT. We had the best time! We plopped our booties down late afternoon and had so much fun hanging out. ***Pro tip-squad up if you’re camping out. We’ve all heard the horror stories of ladies peeing on towels so they don’t have to leave their spots (I’ve never witnessed that!). In a group, you can take breaks to stretch your legs, eat and use the restroom.*** The party that night was unbelievable. My absolute highlight was when Donnie gave me the mic to sing Livin On A Prayer. I can’t sing, I don’t even EVER karaoke, but when D hands you his mic, you SANG, girl.

Cut to 2017. Look, I’m not saying that Donnie Wahlberg has magical, all knowing powers, but....doesn’t he?? Starting in the cruise terminal when he seemingly came right to me and we knocked out my “do over” selfie (on MY phone this time ). I found myself in the mythical right place/right time on 2 other occasions as well, was #blessed with 3 pics of the boyfran and I, and never had to stand in a selfie line. #WhatStuSaid, indeed! On Neon Night, we were right up front after spending the evening “camping” with our friends. At one point, Livin On A Prayer started playing, and Donnie looked around the crowd to pass his mic to someone. Thanks to Jackie for pointing at me, because I ended up with it! Do you know how hard it is to concentrate when Donnie Wahlberg is looking at you?? Making faces and telling you LOUDER?? It’s even harder to stay on your feet when he comes down from the stage, grabs your hand with the mic and sings WITH you! I will never forget that moment. I thought I loooved that man before, WHEW! (The very best part is whenever I think about it now, I’m filled with as much JOY and love as I was when it happened. It’s like a band aid on a crappy day.) We did not camp out for GPS last year, but only because it was cold and raining all day. (Snaps to those die hards who sat on wet towels in their rain ponchos!) We managed to get out there early enough to be close to the front, and again, had an amazing night. Can’t wait to get back onboard The Love Boat!!

Ps: People who camp out have been given such a bad rep. I’m sure some of the worst stories are justified, the ones we all hear about. I feel the need to say that I personally don’t feel like I wasted one second of my vacation by sitting on deck with my friends. Some of my favorite cruise memories are of those evenings waiting with my peeps. We aren’t rude to those around us, we aren’t pushy or territorial. We definitely aren’t peeing on towels lol If you see me sitting there in October (probably with a big ole cheesy smile on my face, tbh), come say hi! Have a seat! I’ll save your spot if you need a bathroom break

 Jackie's Sister (Jocelyn) on Blue Bloods!

My sister guest starred on BlueBloods and had scenes with DONNIE

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Hey Brooke & Nikki,

Here is the write up of the story I told during our MSCW... I had the chance to get more accurate details of my sister’s encounter with Donnie!

My So Called Whatever Story: My sister guest starred on BlueBloods and had scenes with DONNIE!

Back in the winter of 2016, I met up with my sister for a catch-up dinner. It was about 3 weeks before my longest international trip ever! I was going to Australia to visit with some blockheads I met and befriended through the NKOTB cruise. My sister subtlety mentioned that she auditioned for BlueBloods and was casted! I was like WHAT????? . She mentioned how she would be playing a social worker. I laughed at the irony as I am a social worker in real life. My sister laughed as she mentioned drawing on the stories I told her earlier in my career as she auditioned for the part.

I immediately went into “detective mode” saying she would probably be doing a scene the attorney character, Erin Reagan; or the younger brother cop character, Jaime cause they have more touchie-feelie scenes.... As I started rattling off my theories, I noticed my sister had a sly look but it was also a “beckoning me to calm down” look.

She went on mention that her scenes are actually with a cop. I automatically said “oh it’s Jaime. He is played by Will Estes and he is hot as hell”!

For some strange reason, my brain refused to register the fact that she may actually get to do a scene with DONNIE WAHLBERG.... Again, I noticed a sly, but “calm down” look from my sister. I stopped dead in the middle of my sentence and asked- “Is the cop’s name Detective Danny Reagan”? As soon as I saw her lips start forming the word “yes”. My heart rate instantly went up! I started to tear up.... I tear up whenever I have extreme emotion, good or bad! 🤷🏽‍♀️

My sister went on to say that as a guest star , she can bring 1-2 people to the set with her. I was like REALLY??????? I had to stand up from the table at this point. I could no longer remain seated. She started to talk about the targeted shoot dates being in the last week of November/1st week in December. My excitement did a nose dive straight from outer space.... her shoot date range was the same time I would be in Australia visiting my BH friends! Like why?????? 🤦🏽‍♀️

So off I go to Australia about 3 weeks later. I would be visiting Perth, Melbourne, & Sydney. At the time of her shoot, I was in Perth which is on the western coast of the continent. There is about a 13 hour difference (13 hours ahead). I woke up in the middle of the night to texts from my sister (thank goodness for WiFi enabled texting). She sent pics of herself in costume and around the dressing room area... (See pics #1 - #5). As soon as I saw her outfit, I was like “ooooh! I definitely would wear something like that to work”! The child protective services badge they created looked so authentic! I died a little when she sent a pic of her outside Donnie’s dressing room!

She mentioned how she was waiting to do rehearsal with Donnie.... she texted me a few hours later to say- she met him and how he said something like “don’t go getting pretty on me”? 🤷🏽‍♀️ My sister (as well as I) had not idea what that meant, but she acknowledged he’s a flirt and giggled. LOL! Donnie got to her in one sentence for which she wasn’t even sure what he was talking about! YEP! She was “Donnied”... I liken it to the glamoured spell the vampires use in the HBO series True Blood! 🤣🤣🤣

My sister was unsure how to bring me up should they have a down time moment... As excited as I was, I did not want my sister to do anything that would be considered unprofessional. She asked me what identifier to use so Donnie would know who she talking about right away... (insert pic #6 & #7). Great question! At this point I started texting everything and anything! My name! My Twitter handle! The girl with the cruise concert idea, I even texted a pic of me! Lol! As if my sister would not have a pic of me in her phone🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️... Lol! I mentioned a long running joke between me and my BH friends in which I was convinced Donnie doesn’t know my real name. (Side note in 2017, we started a mission to get him to either say “Jackie” or “BrownSugarHoney”. The mission was not completed and has carried on to 2018🤣)

Ok... continuing on with the story... A few hours later, I get a text from my sister saying that after they wrapped shooting for the day, she told Donnie that she had a really good time and thanked him. Then she said “I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that my sister sends her hellos. She was the one that wrote that treatment for a musical on your cruise” and Donnie was like “YES! I was going to say you look like a friend of mine but I didn’t want to be weird! And come on! Your sister did more than that! She filmed on my show and she goes on the cruise every year! Wow! You look just like her!”

As soon as I saw her text, I was like “WAIT! Did he use the term “friend”???? She verified it... I was touched that he used that as opposed to fan... Now.... do I have Donnie’s cell phone # and kick at his family barbecues? No! But the fact that he refers to fans as “friends” is another indication of the the special kind of guy I think he is.... #DonnieIsANationalTreasure

A few hours later, my phone started buzzing like crazy... I was like what is happening? I saw in my notifications that Donnie tweeted me! (See pic #8). I tweeted him back letting him know how thrilled I was that my sister got to be on BlueBloods with him!

The shoot was a 2 day shoot. My sister texted me pics of her 2nd social work costume. (See pic #9 & #10). Of course, I loved it and laughed as I have a similar work outfit. A long sweater and pants is like my winter work uniform! Lol! She mentioned how Donnie came into the make-up trailer just to say hello, hugged her, and was just generally checking in on her... I was swooning all the way from Australia at the thought of the whole scene!

At the end of the 2-day shoot she sent a pic that she took with Donnie and another guest star. (See pic #11 & #12). I joke with my sister about making sure I am NOT out of town if she ever gets cast for BlueBloods again!

So that’s my story about the time my sister, Jocelyn Bioh, was on BlueBloods and got to shoot with DONNIE!!!!!!

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