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Step 69 - NKOTB Block Party #36: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Jennifer, Dawn, Christie, and Heidi

Step 69 - NKOTB Block Party #36: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Jennifer, Dawn, Christie, and Heidi

Listen in as we hear an amazing story from Jennifer about her bestie, her mom, a cross stitch, and JORDAN KNIGHT.  We'll also hear an amazing contest story from Dawn, some great facetime moments with Donnie and Joe from Christie, and a MacPac story from Heidi.

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Jennifer’s Story: My Bestie, My Mom, A Cross Stitch and Jordan Knight

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Hi ladies,

I’m a new listener to your amazing podcast. I HAD to hear the story of the original Cover Girl and I have been hooked ever since. I absolutely love hearing the stories of other Blockheads -- it fills my heart with joy to hear how other lives have been impacted by this mutual love.

I have so many things to say about our favourite boy band but will start with this, the story of my best friend, my incredible mom who would move the world for me, cross stitch, and the guy who covered my walls and my heart for many years.

Erikka and I met when we sat next to each other in the 6th grade honor roll picture in 1986. The rest is history. We have been best friends for over 30 years. And how lucky are we to have photo evidence of our first meeting?

Sometime in 1988 - I think - Erikka asked me if I had heard of this new band who was touring with Tiffany. No, I hadn’t. But I soon did, along with the rest of the world.

My love for the New Kids grew quickly and was admittedly over the top. I was without a doubt a Jordan girl. I soaked up every bit of information about Jordan that Bop magazine could provide. I was obsessed. Erikka was a Jon girl, so we liked the idea of marrying the brothers and being family forever.

In the height of our obsession the Magic Summer Tour was announced. On September 6, 1990, the man of my teenage dreams would be performing at the Seattle Kingdome. This may have been the best news of my 16-year-old life! The morning that tickets went on sale I remember pacing the office of my mom’s business, hitting redial over and over trying to get through to Ticketmaster. It finally worked! Erikka and I were going to be two of 45,000 screaming fans. They were perhaps the worst seats in the history of concerts, but I didn’t care. We were going to see our guys!

And this is where the story gets ridiculous. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My mom, Becky, owned a cross stitch store. Remember cross stitch? The ultimate 80s craft! Well, my mom would have done anything to make me happy. Like, ANYTHING. So she hatched a plan with our local pop station, OK95. She would buy a ridiculous amount of ad spots on the radio if they got me a meet and greet pass. Yes — still hard to believe. This was years before fans had the option of buying their way into a photo opp.  

Well, the radio ad rep loved the idea. The station then worked with someone to arrange for not just me to get into the meet and greet - but for a whole bus full of fans to get in too, along with tickets to the show. They held a contest at JC Penny to pick the winners. So if you were on the OK95 bus from Tri-Cities, Washington, to the Seattle Kingdome concert, just know that your dreams coming true was masterminded by my mom and her cross stitch advertising efforts. Who knew?

So now I have concert tickets, a backstage pass, and a cross stitch store at my disposal. What’s a girl to do?

Oh yes. Believe me I did exactly what you are thinking.

I spent several weeks cross stitching (with my mom’s help) a beautiful picture of a piano keyboard. The text read “we hear music with our ears, but feel it with our hearts.” But oh it gets better. My mom is an enabler. Let’s remember that. So we of course get it professionally framed with a mat. But before we frame it we have a calligrapher write on the mat: “Jordan, there’s just so much that I want to say, but when I look at you, all my thoughts get in the way. I’ll be loving you forever.” Hopefully you know where those words came from.

I literally can’t even type this with a straight face.

On the back of the picture I wrote a small novel for Jordan about how much he meant to me. I taped on some photos of me too, because of course he was going to call me and might want to remember what I looked like! I included all of my contact information, of course.

So off we go to Seattle. Me, my mom, Erikka, and my late sister. We drove the four hours to Seattle, holding up NKOTB signs to every car we passed. I was finally going to meet the man of my dreams and my future husband.

I remember getting to the Kingdome. I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass out or vomit. Either way, I was a mess. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take Erikka or my mom to the meet and greet so it was just shy me trying to handle all that was about to transpire.

And there he was. Before I knew it, Jordan and Danny were standing in the same room as me. Talk about thankful. I found out later that only two of them had to appear for these meet and greets and I happened to luck out that Jordan was at mine. My dream became reality. Also beside the guys were their parents, Marlene, Betty and Dan.

So here I am, cross stitch in hand, and I finally get up to Jordan. I show him the cross stitch, and although I have no recollection of what he said, he appears slightly interested in it in the photos the radio person snapped for me. We took a couple photos of the three of us and my cross stitch. I totally ignored Danny (sorry but I was 16, what did I know? I promise I appreciate him so much more now!). One of the photos is hilarious because Danny is almost what we would now call photobombing. We take our photos and I didn’t want to leave him with this massive cross stitch. So I say to him, “do you want me to give this to your mom?” To which he says “YOU KNOW WHO MY MOM IS?” “Ummm yes. Yes I do. Marlene, she’s right over there.” He says ok and I carry on my merry way. Dying inside.  

I gave the cross stitch to Marlene and she was lovely, from what I can remember. But I was in a fog from having just spoken to Jordan and well forgive me if nothing else is clear. I got back to my seat and bawled my eyes out. Erikka and my mom tried to console me but I am sure I was a little ridiculous between the shaking and crying. But come on you guys. Jordan freaking Knight! I never washed that outfit again, by the way. It stayed on a hanger in my closet as the clothes Jordan Knight had touched. I do remember the concert was amazing and we had a great trip to Seattle. Erikka reminds me that we also rode the elevators to the top of the hotel looking to find the band Slaughter, who we heard was staying at our hotel. Because. 16, you know?

Hopefully you caught the part where I put my phone number on my cross stitch. Well sometime in the next month or so we got a phone call. This lovely lady had been backstage at the NKOTB show in Los Angeles had found my cross stitch. Can I get a collective sob here? He left my gift behind, you guys. In another state. This amazing woman read my note to Jordan, which also said if you don’t want this please send it back to me as so much effort went into this. And she actually packed it up and mailed it back to me. Sigh. So sad.

Well in February of the next year the guys had a new tour and were back on my turf. I had forgiven Jordan for the error of his ways and loved them more than ever. Step by Step was out and I couldn’t have loved the album more. My mom got concert tickets for Tacoma, Portland and Pullman. If I can just send another shout-out to my mom here for standing in line this time at our little Ticketmaster outlet to get the tickets. Not only that, but I distinctly remember her covering one of the girls in front of her for the $20 short she was for her tickets. Hashtag #BestMomEver and a legit founding Blockhead mom.

So it’s me and my New Kids tour jacket against the world. And off we go to the first stop: Tacoma. Our hotel room overlooks the back gate of the Tacoma Dome so I sit there for what feels like hours waiting to see the guys come out of their buses. No such luck. My mom finally convinces me to go to the mall.

Hang tight people.

I walk in the Tacoma Mall and see a team of security people walking by. In the middle was none other than Jordan Knight. The unicorn. In a mall.

Please note that I was maybe 90 pounds and the most unathletic teenager walking the face of the earth. But I ran. Fast. And I pushed through that security team like I was the freaking Hulk. And I got to that unicorn.  

I was once again a blubbering mess. I mumbled something to the effect that he had forgotten my cross stitch backstage at another show, and it got sent back to me. What should I do with it? Should I send it to the fan club? He said “ya sure” and that is all I can remember. Security whisked him away and that was that. No cell phones for selfies, no Sharpies for autographs. Just a moment in a mall.

Those three shows brought us all white shirted Jordan and the wind machine while he sang  “Baby I believe in you.” It was pure heaven. I also saw my loves on Valentine’s Day in Portland, where they sang Valentine Girl. It was an incredible road trip, again thanks to my amazing mom.

I never did send the cross stitch to the fan club. I was almost done high school and began to focus on college and career and my love for NKOTB took a back seat. I was excited to buy Face The Music but I was well into my college years and busy dancing away to Real McCoy at college parties.

I graduated college, got married, and had three wonderful kids. I still harbored a love for NKOTB but never talked about it much. And then - boom - the shot heard around the world. The New Kids were getting back together! Erikka! Tune in to the today show! OMG. It all came rushing back. I now live in Alberta, Canada and my bestie lives what feels like forever away in Oregon. So I find some local friends to hit the Calgary show with. We left the toddlers behind and drove three hours to relive our youth. I soaked up every last second of it. And Lady Gaga opened. Still hard to believe. I hit up the show when they toured with Backstreet Boys too and again loved every second.

The After Dark shows were announced the year Erikka and I were turning 40 and it was the perfect birthday present for us. We were once again together only this time we were drinking strawberry daiquiris for breakfast poolside in Vegas. This was the first time I met the modern day Blockhead family. It was such a thrill to meet ladies from across the country there to enjoy our guys.

That wasn’t all 1994 had in store for me though as Jordan announced the Nick & Knight Tour. We had just moved to Calgary and at last Jordan was coming to a city I lived in. I saw there was a meet and greet opportunity and just had to do it. I wanted to close the circle on my cross stitch story!

I gathered a few great friends for the show but was off to the meet and greet by myself. I started talking to the ladies in line and met two more amazing members of the BH family - Jackie and Theresa. I started telling them my story as we waited and they insisted that I tell Jordan what happened. I had stashed my photo of me, Jordan, and the cross stitch in my purse, so I had the photo evidence to show him.

The Nick and Knight shows were more informal so we could see Jordan milling about as the photo opp was about to start. I was thankful for liquid courage because at one point he walked past me. My new friends kept pushing me to say something so I said “Hey Jordan, what happened? We were supposed to get married!” He laughed and said “I know! I lost your number! That girl from…from...” And I said “Seattle. It was Seattle.” He smiled and went to take his photos. When it was my turn I tried to condense my cross stitch story into ten seconds or less. He genuinely looked horrified that he had left it behind and apologized. I asked him to sign the photo of us but he apologized again, saying he wasn’t allowed to - just photos. I got a hug, a photo and a selfie. And an apology. It was priceless. My heart was full.

I then sat down with my new friends while we waited for the general admission doors to open. Jackie’s friend Rhonda came over and heard my cross stitch story. Well  - Rhonda had purchased the “all access” pass. Which included going backstage and getting anything you wanted signed by Jordan. So Rhonda, in her wonderful Blockhead ways, takes my photo backstage and gets Jordan to sign it. She said he smiled about it too, because he knew exactly what had transpired.  

So 24 years later, I closed the loop on my cross stitch story. Not only did Jordan apologize, but he signed the photo of him and I with the cross stitch. The cross stitch still hasn’t died, however. It sits in a corner hidden away where every once in a while I show my kids so we can laugh at my youth.

I am now the mother of a 16-year-old daughter. I have tried to pay back the universe by being her willing partner at every concert she wants to go to, from Justin Bieber to One Direction. It has brought me so much joy to watch her fan girl over her favourite bands. I am now her enabler! And I LOVE it.

I will end this particular story by mentioning that Erikka and I made it onto the 2017 cruise and loved every single moment. I even brought a new friend, Crystal, who barely knew the music but wanted to experience the fun.

The Blockheads truly are a family and I appreciate every single one who has come into my life. I can’t wait for you ladies to experience the cruise. I know you will be as overwhelmed as I was at the absolute joy that fills the ship and flows into the ocean. It is completely indescribable, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t stop to reflect on what those four days of joy with my friends has meant to my life.

All because of where I sat in a yearbook photo.

Keep up the great work on the podcast.


Photos Below:

  • Erikka and I in the 6th grade yearbook photo.

  • A few photos from the meet and greet: Sept. 6, 1990, Seattle Kingdome. Me presenting Jordan with his cross stitch and Danny looking on. Also photos of Dan and Betty Wood and Marlene Putnam, standing with the road manager.

  • Jordan's autograph on the back of my photo with him and the cross stitch.

  • A view of the Tacoma Dome from our hotel room and the guys' buses, 1991.

  • Erikka and I at the After Dark shows in Vegas.

  • Erikka and I on the 2017 cruise.

  • Jordan and I at the Nick & Knight concert, Nov. 2014

  • What the cross stitch looks like now: dusty and banged up but still kicking!

Dawn Wins NKOTB Concert Tickets

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Hi Brooke and Nikki!

Thanks for reading my story. I’m so excited to be a part of your podcast!
This story is from my teen years. I had just turned 15. Each morning I would listen to the radio station and get ready for school. In Phoenix they were having contests on the radio to win tickets to the NKOTB concert in California. I’ve always been a Joe girl and will be forever, but I’m definitely a FULL FLEDGED DONNIE ADMIRER now.

Remember when you would try and call in and be the 7th caller or enter a drawing in the mail and hope you’d be home when the call came in? This contest was to be the 10th caller AND then you had to “Sing in the shower” on air.

So I’m getting ready for school and the DJ, Bruce Kelly keeps saying the NKOTB tickets to the concert in California are coming up at 7:40. So of course I’m listening with intent.
My parents bought one of those really long 30 foot phone cords so I could take the phone into my bedroom, reminder I’m 15.

Finally the DJ from KZZP 104.7 announces to be the tenth caller by calling the radio station and we will play “Singing in the shower” for, “Fly away tickets to see New Kids in Cali.” I pick up my phone and call in.....
Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.
The phone never rang. It always made the annoying busy beeping. But this time.....
Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. And then a voice on the other side.

“Hello KZZP you are the tenth caller! Are you ready to play, Singing in the shower?”
My heart is beating, out of my mouth.
So I race to the bathroom and turn on the shower.
I start wailing into the phone and shower all at the same time, “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh, The Right Stuff!”
Keep in mind I have the phone in the bathroom up to my ear, the shower blasting so the DJ can hear it and I’m literally doing the fist pump hand gestures. Doesn’t everyone do them when they sing our anthem?

Finally he announces that I’ve won the tickets to fly to California for the New Kids concert in LA in a few weeks. My words are lodged in my throat. I can’t breathe. And yet I remember screaming into the phone like a banshee! So the DJ sends me to some other person that tells me all information. I’m so excited but the biggest downer is that since I’m a minor an adult has to take me.

Fast forward and my dad and I board a plane to California with several other winning fans to see the guys perform on December 17, 1989! My dad brings with him ear plugs and the album cover of the new kids Christmas album! My dad still owns that original NKOTB Christmas album. In the middle of the show he proudly waves it in the air like 12 year olds wave I️Jordan posters they’d made with poster boards and markers.

We have 5th row tickets. The guys perform. My heart beats, my voice screams, and I ugly cry the entire time. Endless screams as Joe and Donnie run across back and forth the stage. You remember that stage. Each side had the steps with risers so the crowd could see the guys.

Near the end of the show Joe brought out some silly string and started spraying it into the crowd. Of course when you’re 15 and your favorite new kid sprays silly string your way what do you do? You bum rush the stage. And so me and a few other girls in our row shimmy out to the isle and run to the front where we are met with a few big burly types. Joe shakes the can and grabs my hand with his other hand then releases my hand moves back towards the stage and proceeds to spray me full of blue silly string! Go ahead Joey McIntyre. You can spray me with silly string. We giggle and made brief eye contact. I get pushed back by the bodyguards, but not before I make sure to take the silly string off my body and hair and stick it in my purse. Before there was confetti, before there was streamers, there was silly string. That silly string is in a zip lock baggy in a photo album buried somewhere in one of my parents closets. It could be disintegrated by now, but it was soooo worth it to “boast” to friends at school that Monday that Joe sprayed me with silly string! LoL

The picture I sent you of me in front of the NKOTB tourbus is ok to post if you’d like with this story. Damn I wish I had those pants back!

Thanks you for reading my story. I love this community, I love the positivity, the friendship, the family feel and I can’t wait to share more stories and meet you lovelies on the boat!



Christie’s NKOTB Story

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I just recently discovered your podcast and have been catching up on past episodes. I love them all and reliving my youth, but especially love the NKOTB Block parties. Hearing everyone's story makes me want to share mine. 

My name is Christie and I've been a huge fan since the beginning. I was never able to attend a concert back in the day. I suppose now is a good time to explain a bit about myself as it is a part of my story. I have a medical condition where my bones break easily and I am the size of your average 5 year old (just to give you a little perspective). My parents were overprotective and would never have allowed me to go to a concert with thousands of wild teenagers. Not happening. I am also originally from a small town and we would have had to travel to one anyway.

I don't know why I didn't know, but in 2008 and 2009 when they first got back together I was clueless. My first concert was NKOTBSB. I fell in love all over again. Shortly after that, I began to follow the guys on Twitter and my passion for them quickly ignited. Through their posts, I felt like I KNEW them and their personalities like I never had as a kid. Fast forward to the next concert. I was not able to afford 5* but was able to get tickets to an afterparty. During the concert, my best friend and I had seats in the first row of the bowl area of the arena. I was having a blast. 98 Degrees was my post New Kids group and I had loved Boyz II Men for years. When NKOTB came out I was in heaven. These seats were much better than my previous ones and I really got to SEE them. At one point in the show, the usher for our section motioned for me to follow her. I was so confused because I knew I had not done anything wrong to get called out like that. I followed her out to the aisle and she said that she needed to move me to the section across the aisle from where my seat was for a little bit. I had no idea why.  She would offer no other details and my friend was not allowed to go with me. For some reason the seats in that row were empty. I looked over at my friend and we shared a confused look. It was then that some stagehands rolled up a huge box and flipped it over off of its wheels. It is the kind of box that would have some sort of stage equipment in it. I knew immediately what was going to happen. I looked over at my friend and her eyes were huge. I felt bad because she wasn't next to me in that moment. OMG - They were going to come out in the crowd and someone was going to be right in front of me. But who? I didn't care. Even though I knew I was going to have a chance for a photo op at afterparty I couldn't believe I was about to experience this with one of the guys. When they came out in the crowd during "Tonight", Joey was the one to come out in front of me. He climbed on the box and was initially facing the middle of the arena. When he turned around, I was the first person whose hand he grabbed. He smiled and looked at me. It was at this point he turned around to the bodyguard that followed him (I later learned it was Vic), stopped singing and said to him, "You look out for her. Protect her."  Yes even with all the craziness going on around me I could actually hear him say that to him. Did he seriously just do that? Who does that? A New Kid, that's who. He then turned back around and continued the song and greeting other fans. I looked at Vic a couple of times and he would ask if I was ok (the crowd was closing in behind me and I was getting a little squished). I would nod yes and he would nod back. There is no doubt in my mind had I said no he would have grabbed me and pulled me over the rail. I felt bad for him because I was not his responsibility, Joe was, but because Joe asked him to do it, he did. Such a nice guy. The picture I included was one my friend took. You can't see me, but I'm down in that crowd. When I got back to my seat, I couldn't even tell my friend what happened. I knew if I did, I would cry. It wasn't until later that I was able to tell her. I still tear up to this day when I think about it. It meant so much to me.

Fast forward to the afterparty. To say I had butterflies would be an understatement. I was actually about to meet the guys. This was 25 years in the making. My inner 9-year old was screaming. There were only 4 of them there that night and they only made us go in groups of 4 so we were super lucky. The girls they paired us up with didn't care who they stood with so I got my choice. I was about to stand next to Donnie. Let me just say here that Donnie was my first childhood crush. This was about to happen. I couldn't breathe. I'm pretty shy around people I don't know, so I didn't really expect to be able to say much to him but it didn't matter. I couldn't take my eyes off of him as I was waiting for our group. As we were ushered into the photo area, I was still staring at him. All of a sudden Jon was in front of me. He squatted down and said, "It is SOOOO nice to meet you" and gave me one of those amazing Jon hugs. Seriously no one hugs as good as that man. It really calmed my nerves down a lot. I walked over to Donnie and he also squatted down and gave me a hug and a kiss on the head. OMG Donnie's lips were just on my head. OMG OMG OMG. Breathe Christie. Focus on staying standing. Because Donnie was staying squatting for the picture, Jon knelt down again too. This is a huge thing for me when people make an attempt to get down on my level to talk to me or for a photo. It makes it way less awkward. I also got to get selfies with Jordan and Danny that night. I get super emotional when I think of that night. They were all so nice and welcoming. You can tell they really love their fans.

Of course I immediately changed my Facebook profile pic to Donnie and I. It wasn't long after this, I commented on a random post about a lost dog in my neighborhood Facebook group and quickly received a reply from a neighbor I had only briefly met once before. "Is that Donnie Wahlberg in your profile pic" she asked. "Yes. Are you a fan?" was my reply. She told me that she was, sent me a friend request and we have been inseparable ever since. I truly met a best friend and sister for life and I'm so thankful to the guys for that. It's funny how these guys can bring people together like that. I know you have had similar experiences. 

I had the opportunity to meet them all again at another afterparty and this past tour was finally able to do a true VIP. The experiences have all been wonderful. In September, I received an email that Donnie and Jenny would be in town for an Autism Summit for Generation Rescue. There would be a M&G involved. Oh wow. I got a ticket to go. I have to say I did learn a lot that day. It was so interesting. I have some friends and a cousin with children with autism. I love to learn and this was an amazing experience. But yes I was excited to also be able to see them. We were in line and suddenly event workers came and said that they were going to miss their plane and were going to have to go. Sorry but we wouldn't all be able to talk to them. Uh, no. I wasn't about to let that happen. I also knew Donnie wouldn't disappoint people. He is too nice for that. He didn't disappoint. So we were told to have phones out and in selfie mode and they would be coming down the line quickly. But of course they stopped to talk to people along the way. Donnie looked up and saw me when he was three people in front of me and came to give me a hug. He went back to finish up with the other people and then was back to me. We got our selfie (Jenny was really nice too) and I was actually able to talk to him this time. I feel really comfortable around him now. this happened the day after the premier of Blue Bloods this year which was a super emotional episode. I told him he made me cry. He said "then you'll need tissue for every episode this season!"  As he was walking away he said, "It's nice to see you again. It's always nice to see you." Wait, what?? Again? Always? No way. He remembered me? I mean...I know I look different and don't exactly blend in but he meets a LOT of people and had just come off tour. Surely he didn't really remember me? 

My love for Donnie has grown through these experiences. But it's not about my younger self and a celebrity crush anymore. Sure he is still this sexy guy, you can't deny that. But he is so much more. He is just this amazing human. One that I wish I was more like. I wish I could have his attitude about things. And he is so so so so kind. I've never met a kinder person. And you can tell it is genuine There is such a love and respect for everyone. And to be fair it isn't just from him. There is a love and respect from all of them. It comes from both sides of the stage. These guys are amazing. 

#WeAreAllDonnieGirls #loveeternal #thankful #BHlove

Heidi’s Joey McIntyre MacPac3000

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Hi Brooke and Nikki!

I was listening to your most recent podcast and so many memories flooded my mind when you mentioned MacPac3000. Back in 2009, I was lucky enough to secure a MacPac3000 membership which included a messenger bag, two CDs, an autographed photo, a letter and most importantly a lifetime membership card which entitles me to "one genuinely meaningful hug every time I see Joe Mac." Up until that point, I had never been blessed with the opportunity to get close enough to Joe or any other member of NKOTB to even say hi, much less get a hug but I was optimistic that my card would one day come in handy. Fast forward to a few years later when I happened to stumble upon my MacPac3000 card and considered throwing it away because I truly believed that I would never cross Joe's path and have the opportunity to flash my card in exchange for a hug. In September of 2012, I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post from Jordan mentioning that cabins were on sale for the 2013 cruise and immediately wondered if this could be my chance to finally get the hug I've been waiting for. I had tried to book a cabin for prior cruises without luck so I figured that booking a cabin for this cruise would be no different. To humor myself, I visited the cruise website and was totally shocked to find out that cabins WERE available. I called my husband to tell him and much to my surprise, he told me to go ahead and book a cabin even though I wasn't quite sure who would go with me. To make a long story short, every person I asked to go with me declined and suddenly my excitement turned to guilt because I thought for sure that my husband would get stuck going even though it wasn't his idea of a vacation. Believe it or not, my roommate ended up being an old classmate of my husband's. She had posted on Facebook about how she still loved NKOTB and he asked her if she would be interested in cruising with me. She said YES! BH sister Fate!? I think so! After nearly a 9 month wait, it was finally time to cruise and I was armed with my MacPac3000 card. I went in with zero expectations but I promised myself that I wasn't just going to stay on the sidelines. I was going to take every opportunity I could to get that hug. On night one of the cruise, we were on the lido deck and out of no where appeared Joe walking through the crowd right towards me. It was now or never. I proudly flashed my MacPac3000 card and asked for a hug. In his Boston accent he said "of course!" SWOON! It probably didn't last for more than 10 seconds but it didn't matter because I had just hugged Joe freaking McIntyre!! Sadly, I don't have a picture of that moment but the memory will forever live in my heart. That cruise was nothing less than amazing and I will be forever grateful for all the memories and friends I made. ♡♡♡

Step 70 - NKOTB Block Party #37 & #38: Nikki & Joey McIntyre Hollywood Nights

Step 70 - NKOTB Block Party #37 & #38: Nikki & Joey McIntyre Hollywood Nights

Special Episode with Generation Rescue’s Zack Peter, Associate Director of Jenny McCarthy’s Autism Foundation

Special Episode with Generation Rescue’s Zack Peter, Associate Director of Jenny McCarthy’s Autism Foundation