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Step 76 - Digital Get Down: An NSYNC Fan Story Party

Step 76 - Digital Get Down: An NSYNC Fan Story Party

Join us (Brooke & Nikki) with our special guest, Kristine, to discuss all things *NSYNC in this special podcast episode. We discuss how we discovered them, to concerts, to their breakup - to the NSYNC Hollywood Walk of Fame STAR!  We'll also hear some pretty amazing NSYNC fan stories from our friends Rachel, Rachel, Kelly, Gina, Lindsay, Charlene and Stephanie.

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Hey ladies  with all this talk lately about NSYNC made me think back to the many memories I’ve had running around following NSYNC.  I thought I’d share with you how my love started. 

Rachel's Story: NSucked into *NSYNC

Hey ladies with all this talk lately about NSYNC made me think back to the many memories I’ve had running around following NSYNC. I thought I’d share with you how my love started.

My love for NSYNC started summer of 1998 my friend Suzanne calls me up and says we are going to Irving Plaza to see NSYNC. My response to her was who is NSYNC. She explains to me about Justin and JC from MMC were in the group. And that she loved JC since MMC and we have to go see them. I really didn’t want to go see a NKOTB wannabe group, but she reminded me that I’ve dragged her all over NYC for things for Donnie. So I agreed to go. We didn’t have tickets to the show because according to Ticketmaster they were sold out but we went anyway. Once we got there we found out there were still tickets so we bought them and went in. Once NSYNC hit the stage my jaw hit the floor. I was amazed by their moves and asked Suzanne who was who. She told me and I was instantly drawn to Joey. So I asked her ages next and she went down the line. I was Nsucked into NSYNC from that moment on. A few weeks later we find out NSYNC is doing a signing at the Virgin Mega store. I begging a friend of mine who lived closer to go get me a wrist band so I can go. Once she got there it was sold out but Suzanne had gotten one and we both decided to say that I lost my wristband. I had the receipt and it was time stamped with the time and date when I bought it. Well once we got there i went and spoke to someone working there he said check back in a bit. Ok so I waited just before Suzanne went downstairs and walked over to the same guy. This time he yelled at me and told me to go away. I started to cry I had convinced myself my story was true and i knew I wasn’t going to get downstairs. Once the line had cleared I walked over to someone this time inside the store and explained my story. He tells me to stay put and he goes and talks to someone he then comes back and says your the last one and takes me downstairs. While I’m waiting I met these girls and we make small talk they tell me they know the hotel where NSYNC was staying and told me the name of the hotel. After the signing I find Suzanne and tell her about the hotel so we go find the address of the hotel and go. We were sitting in the lobby very quietly and acting casual when walking across the lobby we see Joey. My heart starts beating a mile a min and we calmly walk over to him asking for a photo and he agrees. Photo attached. We look like two deers in headlights but it’s one of my favorite photos.

Rachel and Joey Fatone

Kelly's *NSYNC Story

I first heard of 'NSync when they performed at the Orlando Bands Together concert in the parking lot of the Hard Rock Cafe on March 15, 1998. My friend and I were in the front row and went to the concert to see Backstreet Boys and LFO. When they announced 'NSync, we were like "Who?" Then all the girls around us were screaming for Justin and we were like "Which one's Justin?" We had no clue! But they put on a good show and their music was good, so we ended up becoming fans.

The first time I met all of 'NSync was on May 4, 1998. My friend and I were in Orlando and heard on the radio that they were going to make an appearance at the Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney the following day. We didn't have money for a hotel room to stay the night and we didn't have money to drive home and back the next day, so we ended up sleeping in the car! That will explain why I look so ratchet in my photos with the guys!! (But it's the only picture I ever got with Justin so....) They were all super nice, took pictures, signed autographs and chatted with everyone there.

I'm horrible with remembering timelines and if I don't have it written down, I have no clue. But my friend and I would always stop by TransCon to see people we had become friends with whenever we were in Orlando. We stopped by one day and JC, Lance and Justin were there. We went down to the lobby and just hung out and chatted with JC and Lance. We took pix and I was crushed that my picture with Lance didn't turn out (the flash didn't go off, so it's just our silhouettes) but at least my picture with JC and Lance both turned out! I remember having a long conversation with Lance about his South Park shirt and Mr. Hanky!! Suddenly, the elevator doors opened and Justin stepped off and stormed through the doors to the parking garage. JC excused himself and went after him. Never did find it what happened, but had a nice time chatting with Lance.

So a while later, we were in Orlando and drove by TransCon studios. We saw Chris but he didn't know us from Adam, so we asked him if Lance or JC was around. A short while later, the door opened and JC came out, saw and recognized us and and came over and gave us hugs. We chatted for a while. They were waiting on Joey to get there. He said they were recording that song "Just Got Paid" by Johnny Kemp. I told him I knew it, but I couldn't think of how it went, so he proceeded to sing it for me! I had my little photo album with pictures when we met previously and he wanted to see them. Knowing how horrible I looked in those photos, I tried to put my hand over my face and JC ended up taking it from me and taking off running across the parking lot with it, with me chasing him yelling "JC, no, give it back!" It was really funny! He didn't care that I looked like crap in the pics. Once JC said he had to get back inside, we asked him if he could get Lance for us. He pretended to be mad and said "I KNOW you're not asking me to go get another member of *NSync!!" and stormed off. We kept yelling "we love you JC!" A few minutes later, the door opened and Lance was literally pushed out the door and stumbled, no clue what was going on and JC said "HERE!" and went back inside. Lance looked around, saw us and recognized us and ran over and hugged us. We chatted with him a while. He asked us to make a sign and hold it up at the next concert we were going to at the Florida Mall. He wanted it to say "Lance, you have a nice ass!"

At the Florida Mall performance, we held up the sign and Lance spotted us. Joey read it, made Lance turn around, checked it out and then gave us the thumbs up! After the show, they did an autograph signing. Security was ridiculous and the line was crazy long, so we just stood off to the side behind a barricade and I took some pictures. Lance looked over and smiled at me. And when they got up to leave, JC pushed past their security guard (who was being a jerk) and came over to me and gave me a hug.

I have so many other stories of brief encounters, but I think those are my favorite because it was the first time we meet them and the other two times, it was just us and them and no other fans or people. I'm sure that those experiences are why JC and Lance are my favorites. I haven't seen or met any of them or gone to a concert of their since summer of 1999, but I had some amazing experiences and unforgettable memories!

Regina's NSYNC Story

Hi ladies!

My name is Regina and I am from Los Angeles. I have been a My So Called Whatever fan since the beginning and I want to say thank you for coming up with such an amazing podcast and group! It sure makes my day at work better :-) And I'm glad to contribute to the Facebook group as much as I can. I love that there is a podcast and a group that all of us in a certain age group can come together and reminisce! I'm also going on the NKOTB cruise and can't wait to meet any other My So Called Whatever fans!

Now I'm excited to contribute to the podcast with my NSYNC story!

So my NSYNC story, where do I begin?? Well it all started with the Mickey Mouse Club. I watched the Mickey Mouse Club or MMC as it became known from the very first episode and was really bummed when it went off the air. On the show, JC was one my favorites, and I had the opportunity to meet him at my local Target store during the MMC days. I'm not sure if you remember when the MMC cast released an album and toured local Targets to promote it, well there was a meet and greet afterwards and I got to meet JC. Sadly this was before selfies so I don't have a picture! So after MMC ended I always wondered what happened to the cast, well in 1998 while randomly surfing channels I started to watch this concert special on the Disney Channel with this group called NSYNC, and there was JC and Justin from the MMC!!!! I was so excited!!! Now as a lover of boy bands I immediately fell in love with them and bought their album and have been hooked ever since. For my 18th birthday in March 1999 my dad got me and my best friend tickets to see NSYNC in concert at the now gone Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in Irvine, CA. I remember what I wore, my favorite pair of overalls and my chunky black Skecher boots!! The concert was amazing and Jordan Knight was the opening act which was a HUGE added bonus since he is my favorite New Kid. I remember my dad waited in the parking lot for us and when we got to the car we were all smiles and had hoarse voices from screaming. My dad commented that all he could hear was screaming (the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater is an outdoor venue) and he said "these guys must be really good" and we said "yup." And I did not miss any of the following tours, and if they ever reunite (crossing my fingers for a Las Vegas residency) I will be there!!!!

I remember recording (on the VCR) EVERYTHING they were on. I still have the VCR tapes and have seriously considered paying for someone to convert them to DVD. Now how about the Madison Square Garden show on HBO??? I remember telling my mom and brother that they were not allowed in the family room (the only room w/cable) because I had to watch the concert live! We even went to our local IMAX theater and saw the concert there! I also remember being so excited to pre-order their CD's and actually driving to the music store to pick them up in person! I also remember going on Limewire and downloading people's bootleg recordings from their concerts. I still have on my iPod some crazy remixes like the Temptations Medley, Beatles Medley, and a medley where they used all of their songs titles!!! For Christmas and birthdays I always got NSYNC merch, I have tubs filled with everything from dolls, to import CD's, to magazines, to clothing and blankets.

As my fandom grew me and my best friend started a Yahoo group called Loving Lance and JC (they were our favorites) and we actually had a ton of members!!!! I remember posting about TV appearances and even song lyrics!

Before we were even 21, me and a group of friends flew to Las Vegas to attend NSYNC's Challenge for the Children celebrity basketball tournament. I still can't believe that our parents let us go to Vegas, I mean we were over 18 and technically adults, but still, lol.

Now post-NSYNC is where some of the real fun began. Because we were older and had jobs and had money me and my best friend were able to support the guys and travel to things they were doing. Our first trip was to see Lance on Broadway in Hairspray. We were lucky enough to meet him at the stage door and got a really nice picture with him and he could not have been nicer. In 2015, me and the bestie were at Kelly Clarkson's concert and saw that Lance had posted on social media that he was there with his husband Michael. My eagle eye spotted Lance in the audience, so we decided to walk over the entrance to his section and low and behold we spotted him and Michael leaving, we stopped them and asked for a picture and once again, Lance could not have been nicer!!!

So my meeting JC is my favorite story. Another one of me and the BF's obsessions was Glee. Matthew Morrison, a.k.a. Mr. Schuster, had a PBS concert and there was a contest to go to a screening of it. We won and went to a theatre in Beverly Hills for the screening. This was in 2013. We assumed Matthew would be there but had no idea that there would be other celebrities there including JC. It turns out that JC and Matthew Morrison are besties! So before the show started I went to to the bathroom and saw this whole VIP party going on and spotted JC in the crowd!!!! I totally had an inner freak out moment and calmly went back to my bestie. I whispered to her that JC was there (we didn't want other people to know, lol) and we started "Mission get a picture with JC" lol. A few minutes before the show started JC walked in. Me and my best friend were the only ones who really recognized him and he sits 2 rows behind us!!!!!!!!! I couldn't focus once the show started, lol. I'm like "JC Chasez is sitting behind me and can see the back of my head" lol. After the show we went up to JC, introduced ourselves, I said I was a fan since MMC and even mentioned the Target shows, and he said "wow old school girl!" It was the best. We took pictures with him, he put his arm around us, gave us hugs, it was the best moment. I am happy to say that he is the most down to earth sweetest guy ever, and I cherish that picture!

And then there was the NSYNC mini-reunion at the MTV VMA's. I cried and it was then I realized how much I love these guys and how I will forever be a fan.

Because Joey and Chris are more East Coast based I have not had the chance to meet them, but if Joey opens a Fatone hot dog place out here I will be there! As for Justin, he wasn't my favorite NSYNC guy but I have supported and loved everything he has done. I haven't missed a tour and just saw his Man of the Woods tour in April.

I am so happy for the guys and it was an absolute joy to watch them get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can tell they are still genuinely friends and care about each other. It was like they had never been apart!

Overall NSYNC is still a huge part of my life. My family calls them my boys!! Next to NKOTB they are my absolute fav's and I hope to see them come together like the New Kids have! Maybe Donnie can give them some advice ;-)

I've attached some pictures for you! The pictures are:

1. Me and JC at the Matthew Morrison event

2. Lance and us at the Kelly Clarkson concert

3. Collage pic with Lance in NYC on Broadway and us with JC at the Matthew Morrison event

4. My bedroom light switch that makes me smile everyday!

Lindsay's NSYNC Story

My aunt and uncle and my cousins used to come down from Massachusetts every summer to visit. My uncle used to work for Polaroid and in the summer of 1999 he called my mom because it just so happened that one of his customers was the photographer or tour photographer for *NSYNC. He asked my mom if we would like tickets and backstage passes for their NJ show at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel for that July. I was actually kind of disappointed that it wasn’t for BSB. I liked *NSYNC of course but I was more of a BSB fan (and still am). I remember my mom while on the phone with my uncle saying to me “Do you want them or not?” I said, “Yes, yes”. My aunt and uncle arranged their summer visit to us around the *NSYNC concert so they could go with us. I also brought my 2 closest friends at the time with me and my parents were there too. This might have actually been my first concert but I could totally be wrong. On the way there, we watched the *NSYNC VHS tapes that I had. The PNC Bank Arts Center is an outdoor venue. All the seats and the stage are covered but then there are also lawn seats. We did the Meet and Greet before the show. I remember it was a super hot day and the Meet and Greet was outside with no shade at all. The guys were lined up behind a table and we basically just went down the line and had the guys sign our programs. I don’t think anyone actually took pictures with us – we sort of just took pictures of them. It was either Joey or Chris (I’m thinking Joey) who actually leaned over the table to shake my hand, which was very nice. Overall, at the time I thought the guys weren’t too friendly, but now looking back on it they were probably just super hot and tired. Walking around backstage (outside) on our way back to our seats, my friend Allison spotted Jesse from MTV. She was so excited to see him and yelled “Jesse!!” that my mom thought that he was a friend of hers! I remember he was like “Hey girl!!” So funny! Allison took a picture with him and as you can see from the picture he is so freaking tall! We get back to our seats and I see the backdrop is down for Jordan Knight, waiting for him to come onstage. He was opening for *NSYNC. I remember asking my mom if that was the same Jordan Knight as the doll that I had, the Jordan Knight from NKOTB. I hadn’t thought about NKOTB since I was 4 years old so at that time, maybe in 10 years. I thought it was odd that he was opening for *NSYNC but hey I was a kid at the time and my friends had no clue who he was. Anyway, that’s my cool *NSYNC story!

Stephanie's AMAZING NSYNC Adventures

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