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My So-Called Whatever is a weekly 80's/90's nostalgia and NKOTB podcast based on awkward moments and experiences of two life-long friends and their listeners.

Step 78 - 80s/90s Nostalgia Stories and Brooke and Nikki's High School Compatibility Quiz

Step 78 - 80s/90s Nostalgia Stories and Brooke and Nikki's High School Compatibility Quiz

Join Brooke and Nikki as they dive into some AMAZING 80s and 90s nostalgia stories from our friends Christina, Kelley, Angie & Jenny.  We'll cover everything from hairbands to Milli Vanilli to the Wonderful World of Disney Sunday night specials to heath class projects.  You won't want to miss it!

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Christina's 90’s Hairband Story Featuring Trixter

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Hi Brooke and Nikki,

Here is a 90s story for you about how I met my favorite hairband, Trixter. I apologize for the length but there was a lot to the story.

That Time I Met Trixter

I will try not to make this too long. The year was 1992 and I was in love with hairbands and specifically Trixter. Yes, I found space in my heart to love another band while still loving NKOTB. I fell in love with Trixter in 1991 when I first saw the video for “Give It To Me Good” on MTV. This was back when they played music videos all of the time. I thought the Trixterguys were so cute and was immediately smitten with bassist, PJ Farley. It helped that he was the same age as Joey McIntyre and only 4 yrs older than me. Something about the way PJ flung his long hair and wore his signature flannel shirt sent my teen heart all a flutter. I saved up my money and joined the Trixter fanclub which included perks of getting a birthday postcard from my favorite member. See photo of the belated birthday postcard from PJ. The fanclub also had contests to win free tickets to Trixter’s shows. Seeing as money was pretty tight when I was growing up, I was all about trying to win contests. Fast forward to 1992, I am sitting at the dining room table with my mother. She’s watching tv and I’m doing my homework. The phone rings and I answer it. There’s a guy on the phone and he asks for me. I tell him it’s me and he says that he is PJ from Trixter. At first I don’t believe it. I mean would PJ Farley of Trixterreally be calling me. So I say this isn’t really PJ. He insists that it is. I think I asked him some question about himself like his birthdate or something to make him prove that it was really him. He finally convinced me. He said that he was calling to tell me that I won free concert ticket and backstage passes for their upcoming show in Chicago. They were the opening act on the Kiss tour. I was so excited as I was a big Kiss fan as well. PJ said that someone would call me closer to the concert date to tell me how to get the tickets and passes. The show was a couple months away in November.  I told my mom because of course I had to get her permission to go to the concert. My mom was a bit overprotective so it was going to take some convincing. I of course had to immediately call my best friend to tell her. She wasn’t a big Trixter fan but she knew my love for PJ and would go to the show with me for moral support.

 November gets closer and no one ever calls to tell me how to get the concert tickets and passes. I was getting worried. This was before I knew anything about will call. I had only been to a couple of concerts at this time. One I won lawn tickets from a radio station and they mailed them to me.  The other one we bought tickets from the ticket counter. The date of the show comes and I still have no ticket and no one has ever called to tell me how to get the tickets. Needless to say, I was crushed. My mom was not the type to drive to a venue just to see what happens. Plus she didn’t like me listening to that rock music anyway. So I missed the concert.

 After the concert, an interview with Trixter ran in the local newspaper the Chicago Tribune. I still loved Trixter despite having my dreams of seeing them live and meeting them crushed. I read the article and  being the super fan that I am I noticed some misinformation. The ages of the members stated in the article were different than what I had read in many Metal Edge feature articles. So I decided to write to the journalist, Brenda, to clarify some things. I also decided to mention to her about my call from PJ, the promised concert tickets/passes and my crushed dreams. Brenda was very nice to humor a 16 y/o girl and actually wrote me back. I think she was impressed with my knowledge of Trixter as she apologized for the incorrect information in her article. I think she also felt bad for me about the whole ticket situation. She offered to hook me up with tickets to the next Trixter show in Chicago at the Gateway Theater which was a few months away. Again I had to get my mom’s permission. My mom talked to Brenda on the phone to make sure she wasn’t a crazy person. Luckily Brenda passed my mom’s 3rd degree. As you can see from the one letter, my mom was jotting down details from her conversation with Brenda including the kind of car that Brenda would be driving. Bless the hairband gods, my mom let me go to the show. Trixter was the headliner for this show. My friend came over to take pictures of me before the show. Of course I had my hair done as I had to look my best for PJ. Brenda picked me up at my house and took us to the show. She told me that she would try to see if we could meet Trixter before the show. It felt so cool to have a lanyard. We get to the venue and go up to Trixter’s tour bus. Brenda knocks on the door and the driver opens it. She uses her journalist credentials to see if we can talk to Trixter before the show but were told that they were resting. I did get to set foot on the front of their bus but they were in the back so I couldn’t see any of them. Brenda said not worry as we would meetTrixter after the show. The show was awesome and I swear that I made eye contact with PJ and the guitarist, Steve, during the show. After the show, there was a line of fans waiting to meetTrixter. Brenda was able to get us in the front of the line due to our awesome lanyards. I had the guys autograph my tour program. I only got to take a picture with PJ as they were trying to rush us along. But Brenda was awesome and took pictures of me and the guys as I was going down the line getting their autographs. Their drummer, Mark, said something to me and I didn’t hear what he said. I just kind of nodded and smiled and he kind of shrugged and then I had to leave. To this day, I have no idea what he said. It was probably “do you want to come back to our bus and hang out”. I have met Trixter a few more times since then and have shown PJ the photo of us from that first meeting. He got a kick out of it. I will always be eternally grateful to Brenda for making my Trixter dreams come true.

Angela's & Jenny’s Sister Story

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Hi Nikki and Brooke! Here is a sister story for you that spans the decades.  Back in the 80s, I wasn’t allowed to have a radio in my room as a kid. I suppose my parents thought it would warp my mind or something so any music I heard was all 60s Doo Wop Motown it seemed, but I LOVED going to my friend, Shelly’s house and listening to her Michael Jackson Beat It cassette tape on her tape recorder.  We listened to it over and over again at her house. That is my first memory of liking my own music. I think I was 13 years old before I had my own boombox in my room and my first Single I remember having was Janie’s Got a Gun. My sister Jenny, who was 3 years younger than me, started falling for the New Kids craze around this time. My parents must have loosened the reigns a little bit b/c she was 10 and didn’t have to listen to Motown like me!   But me not wanting to like something that my annoying kid-sister liked, I had to find something different. So I went for Milli Vanilli… I remember having a poster (I’m sure I was only allowed to have one poster) and T-shirt and probably a cassette tape. Me and my best friend at the time, Angie, decided we would be Rob and Fab fans instead of NKOTB. My sister on the other hand was a Joey girl through and through so I heard all about the guys but refused to be a fan to avoid being like my younger sister in any way.  She spent countless hours obsessing over the teenie bopper magazines learning every detail about the guys and dreaming about growing up to be Joey McIntyre’s wife someday (all while wearing big buttons and the hat with the hole on top).She watched the VHS tapes over and over memorizing all the dance moves! And the Christmas tape was played nonstop around the holidays!!! I can remember her being excited over her shirts and beach towel she got as gifts and I can remember also caring about the break-up secretly. By the time they got back together me and my sisters were BEST FRIENDS.  Now adults with kids, we were so excited to go to our first concert together as part of the reunion tour in 2009 in Pittsburgh. Mostly, I was happy to do something fun with her so I would have tagged along to any concert. Seeing those guys in suits, all grown up was so HOT… and I am so glad I went. Jesse McCartney and the Jabbawockeez opened for them. She was able to see them 2 more times since then with other friends. The Package tour in Pittsburgh 2013 with 98 degrees and Boys II Men and the Mixtape festival in 2015 at Hershey Park. She said that VIP experience was amazing with 2nd row, center section seats and afterparty VIP entrance! The torrential downpour (see pics) didn’t damper her excitement of being so close to her favorite guys!   In addition to NKOTB, she saw Salt-n-Peppa, Nelly, Sugar Ray, (TLC was sick and didn’t show because rain). Neither of us have had an opportunity to meet the guys, although Jenny was really close to Donnie at the after-party.  He took a blurry selfie of himself and the crowd on her phone from the stage (see picture-she is the bright florescent yellow blur) and Vanilla Ice took a short video on her phone singing “Let’s talk about sex”. But other than loving the Summertime song on the radio and seeing Donnie and Jenny McCarthy in Times Square on New Years on TV, and Jon on the Amazing Race,  I was mostly listening to Justin Beiber with my daughter at this point in my life.  

Welcome 2017… a fleeting moment of wishing we could be on Cruise 9 after seeing all the fun on Rock this Boat, but not having the money at the time and vowing to figure out a way for 2018… Determined to celebrate my sister’s last year as a 30-something, we studied the whole cruise booking process, joined Block Nation and we were on a mission.  February 7th, booking day, is ingrained in my memory forever.  We were so nervous as 12:00 approached. We both came home from work to my house, I played some NKOTB music in the background, lit a candle for some aromatherapy and we watched the clock tick as we studied the cabin map.  Before we knew it, the candle had lit our cruise papers on fire and burned the top half off! Then in a ding-dong moment of me accidentally entering her name in backwards on the Rose Tours site, none of her data pulled over.  As the clock was counting down, she had to run outside to her car to get her purse to quickly find her credit card. So she ran through my garage barefoot, trying to figure out how to open my garage door (screaming “why the F…is this door shut?!).  Then she ran out in the rain and with 1 minute left, she shouted out her credit card numbers to me inside the house as she ran and I typed. We felt like we were on an episode of Double Dare with the buzzer about to ring!! Thankfully, we hit submit before the system crashed that day and we are ON THE BOAT. We are so grateful that the stars aligned for us that day and feel so bad for all the other fans that tried equally as hard but weren’t successful on booking day.   So now, we are so far down this Block Head rabbit hole and having the most fun catching up with all things NKOTB! I even threw her a NKOTB themed bday party for her 39th last month complete with a cake with our boys’ picture on it and vintage ebay collectible gifts for her to replace her long lost New Kids merch from back in the day.  She does still have 3 tshirts that still (sorta) fit! We are loving every minute of your Pod Cast too. We didn’t find it until around February but we binge listened to catch up!  You girls feel like long lost sisters and we relate to your stories on so many levels. It’s hard to have a bad day when we have so much to be THANKFUL for and to look forward to! Thank you for helping us to relive our youth and bring us closer together as sisters.  The excitement of the cruise planning and obsessing over New Kids on the Block has made for a year we will never forget! Jenny is an old fan and I consider myself a new fan, but regardless, we are definitely part of your MSCW cruise squad and are looking forward to meeting you both soon! We have heard so much about the friendships that people form with the amazing Blockhead community and are so happy to finally be a part of it! BH love 4-ever!!

The Lipscomb sisters, 

Angie Dawkins and Jenny Lambert (our youngest sister, Julie Knight is also a MSCW fan on FB-she is more of an N’Sync/BSB fan)

PS…our 11 and 8 year old daughters are totally Blockheads now too (Joey girls with Donnie tendencies) just like their mommas!! It’s an amazing connection that we hope lasts forever!! We may have created Baby Blockhead monsters! Lol

Kelley's Early 90’s Television Memories

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Growing up, there were some television shows that I remember always looking forward to. One thing was a new episode on Sunday night of The Simpsons. (Lisa was always my favorite.) The other was the Sunday night Disney special! They were at times movies with a special guest host, but one time, it was the 35th anniversary of Disneyland. Something I have always remembered about this was it began my crush on the fabulous Tony Danza! There I said it, its out in the open. HA!! I loved 90’s Tony Danza!

The day was Sunday, February 4th, 1990. Tony Danza was guest hosting the 35th Anniversary special on The Magical World of Disney, which aired on NBC. I would have been set up in the living room with my parents and my 2 brothers. E would have been starring at the 13” turn dial, 13  channel TV, (we had this until around 95, maybe longer…I swear those TV’s lasted forever!)

The special began in the Cheers bar with their cast discussing who the prettiest Disney princess is. Woody tells a story about his experience on The Haunted Mansion with his ghostly girlfriend and is left with her pink hair ribbon. Once we are transported to Disneyland, we hear a dedication from former President Reagan, and then Tinkerbell takes us through images of Disneyland’s history and leaving us with Michel Eisner. This is where we meet the very first guests at Disneyland on the parks very first day open. (to this day I have never been to Disneyland in CA, but maybe one day…maybe.)

Michael Eisner then introduces us to the shows host, the stunning Tony Danza. (You know he was a hottie back then!) Tony takes us on his favorite ride, The Jungle Cruise, guided by Coconut Charlie. Along the ride, there is Smiley, the not so friendly Croc who munches on another rider. There is some scares from a king cobra and a bull elephant and then witness the circle of life while avoiding the natives of the land. (The very first time I ever went to Disney World was in 93 or 94, and I wanted to go on this ride so bad! I honestly cannot remember if I got to. LOL)

The next stop that Tony takes us to is to the Star Tours ride to meet CP30 and R2-D2. They are anxiously awaiting Tony’s late arrival for a scheduled interview with THEE Miss Piggy! Of course Tony brought along the 3 little pigs because, clearly they idolized her. HA!! Miss Piggy tells us about her first experience at Disneyland. She worked so hard to be Cinderella and got her wish with the help of her Fairy God-Thing. (Gonzo) (I loved the Muppets so much!! I remember that first trip to Disneyworld for me there was this theatre show and I think Fozzie hosted it. It was like a 3D show and there were bubbles that were blown at you and the seats moved. Oh, and Gonzo sneezed or something and you ere spritzed with water. Oh the good ol’ days!)

Next we head over to Splash Mountain. During this filming this ride was new. (Can you imagine Disney without Splash Mountain??) So, do you remember Ernest and Vern? AAHHH I loved Ernest movies! So, Ernest shows us some of his home movies from the first time him and his Pop went to Disneyland. Of course you know its funny and too this day makes me chuckle. (I miss those Ernest movies! I think the Christmas one is my top favorite!)

The final stop, possibly the most epic of all epic-ness. Yeah, an ending for the record books! The show goes out with a fabulous musical exit. DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince make “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” even more fun that Mary Poppins did! I remember wanting to learn the dance that the backup dancers were doing and how to rap like the Fresh Prince. Lets admit it, we would not be able to pronounce this word without the assistance of Mary Poppins.

So, did you watch this show? No? You should! Yes? Sweet! Watch it again!


Keep doing what you do girls! You all rock!! Like seriously, you two give me life!


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