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Step 79 - NKOTB Block Party #43: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Lisa & Ava, Jessica, Cassie, Vanessa and Tara

Step 79 - NKOTB Block Party #43: New Kids on the Block Fan Stories from Lisa & Ava, Jessica, Cassie, Vanessa and Tara

Booz'n & Beef'n with Donnie & Jenny, Lisa, Ava, and a very NKOTB birthday, Jessica's Story, Cassie's Jordan Knight Encounter, Vanessa's Amazing NKOTB Pins Story and Tara’s New Kids on the Block Story. Join us as we hear some amazing NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) stories from our friends and also hear us react to Donnie & Jenny posting on social media in real time - we left it all in there for you (we heard you Stephanie!) - so ENJOY! 

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Lisa, Ava, and a VERY NKOTB Birthday!

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Jessica’s Story

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This wickedmamawolf from Twitter. I have two stories for you. My real name is Jessica. I was 14 . i had the hanging tough cassette. I used to play hanging tough every time , i was in the car with my grandma. She would joke around with me about the song. Why would they hang me. My nick name is tuffy. She would say that every time. I played that song. I would tell her that song wasn't about me. I think of that story every time i hear hanging tough. My second story is, i had my room covered in nkotb posters. I was 14 too. The first time my great grandma came into my room..she would joke why do you have all these boys in your room. I told her because they are my favorite boy band. I had more jordan knight posters. She noticed that. She would say who is your crush? I point at Jordan's poster..she said oh he is cute. She was in her 60's. Her and my grandma watched the hanging tough special with me. When it was on pay per view. Those are my favorite memories.

Cassie's Jordan Knight Story

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Hey ladies!!!

My Jordan story is below. It's not the most exciting thing (definitely not like Donnie's), but here it is.

Back in November, Jordan held a charity event for My Brother's Keeper at Novara. He held is the day after Thanksgiving so it was very much a Boston event. During the event he was auctioning off a dinner that would be with him and a couple other people. Well, a friend of mine won the auction (I couldn't afford to go in on it), and I decided to move my birthday trip from February to March and tag alone with her. (I'm going to keep my friend anonymous). In the weeks leading up to the dinner I was planning my outfit and getting everything ready in the off chance I got to meet Jordan. It wasn't a guarantee, but a forever JK girl can hope right? Well, the weekend we were to leave the first of three Noreastahs (my little Boston accent for ya there) hit Boston. We were supposed to fly out Friday morning, but we ended up changing our flight last minute and left Thursday night instead. After a long evening/morning of traveling (Houston to Chicago, 6 hour layover, then Chicago to Boston), we were the last flight into Boston before everything else was canceled. The weather literally felt like we were back in Hurricane Harvey. The rain, the flooding, and the wind was very reminiscent and a little unsettling, especially with what we were watching on the hotel TV. That Friday night we were supposed to go to Alma Nove (Paul Wahlberg's restaurant), but with the flooding it was just too dangerous, so we ended up going to Novara since it was 10 minutes from the hotel and the flooding there was minimal. If you have never been to Novara it is a MUST! The food, the drinks, the people, and the atmosphere was so perfect. I was in food heaven. LOL!

Saturday night was the dinner, so during the day we went to Hingham and of course went to the original Wahlburgers. Hingham is such a cute place and The Donnie Favorite is now my favorite. Thank the Lord the weather had cleared up. After Hingham we headed back to get ready for dinner. I had made reservations at Novara to meet up with some other Blackheads so I was really excited to get there and meet everyone while my friend had dinner with Jordan. When we got to Novara, we met up with our friends and sat at the bar to wait for our reservation time. Due to a busy night things had to be moved around and long story short I really thought my chance of getting to meet Jordan was slim to none at that point. After the dinner, my friend messaged me that Jordan was outside so I grabbed another BH to go there with me. He seemed to be in a rush (the Rockets/Celtics game was on so I'm pretty sure he wanted to get home for that since he's a huge Celtics fan), but I wanted to try and say hi to him before he left. As he walked past I asked Jordan if I could get a little bit of love. He turned around, laughed, took my hand, and said "Hi. How are you?". I'm pretty sure I said I was good, but I swear I couldn't think straight and it happened so fast. People have said pictures do not do him justice and that is one of the most accurate statements I have ever heard. The man is just plain gorgeous in person and even more gorgeous up close. That smile literally stopped my heart for a moment. It was such a brief meeting, but still... I met Jordan Knight! I found out later that my friend had dropped my name a few times during the dinner, so when I told Jordan and his friend that I was with her I am hoping he put two and two together and knew who I was. Now that thought took a while to sink in. Jordan Knight knows me/of me. LOL! I wish I could say I had a picture to go with my brief meeting, but after the recon that I did, I knew shoving my phone in his face would have not left the best impression, so I opted for the face to face and hope that left him with a good impression that just saying hi meant more than a picture to me in that moment.

To finish up the weekend trip to Boston we finally got to go to Alma Nove and we were so fortunate to meet Paul! I have attached that picture. He is the sweetest, just like Donnie. He was so humble and so thankful that we had come in from Houston and come to his restaurant. He even asked how we were doing since Harvey. It was a great way to end the trip since we went straight from there to the airport.

I am really hoping to get on that boat so I can have a more proper introduction with Jordan, so fingers crossed I get on that hot damn boat!!!

Vanessa's NKOTB Total Package Pin Story

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Dear Nikki and Brooke,

Hi! I am a big fan of your podcast. Thank you for letting me share my story. I have been a big New Kids fan since I was a shy thirteen year old. When they reunited in 2008, I was beyond excited. I have been going to their concerts ever since. I started doing Meet and greets  in 2013.  Even though I have met the guys a few times, I still get nervous talking to them. Most of the time, I forget to tell them my name. I always feel like Rudy Huxtable and her friends when they met JT Freeze.  Do you remember that episode? I act like a babbling fool. Anyway, I want to tell you about one of my meet and greet experiences from the Total Package Tour. I had splurged and bought bar stool seats for one of the Chicago dates. I was so excited! I decided to buy the guys a little gift.  We all know the fabulous jean jackets and man romper that they wore on tour. Well, I decided to get them each a pin for their jean jackets. I carefully chose a pin for each of the guys. I picked a Star Wars one for Danny because he loves Star Wars. I chose a bumblebee pin for Jon because he raises bees. Joey got a pin that said Namaste bitches because he meditates. I bought Jordan a sun pin because he said that he missed seeing the sun because he was stuck on the tour bus.(Remember he said that on his Facebook Live?) Finally, I chose a French bulldog for Donnie to represent Lumpy. The day of the concert, I was so nervous to give it to them. As I stood in line waiting to meet them, my hands started getting sweaty. I approached them with my gifts. Danny looked at it and smiled. I don’t think that he knew what it was for.(Later on he told me that he figured it out)Jordan laughed when I gave it to him. I explained to him that now he could see the sun all the time. Jon loved his pin. He thanked me and gave me a great big Jon hug. Joe laughed at his and said that he had just meditated backstage. Donnie thanked me and said it was such a great idea. I hoped that they would wear them but I knew that they received a lot of gifts.  I would understand if they did not wear them. I watched the show from my bar stool in awe. The view from the bar stools is awesome. I had made signs saying hi to each of the guys. Donnie read mine and whispered hi. I just sat there with a dumb look on my face and looked away. Why do they make me feel like a silly 13 year old? Finally, it was time for the part of the show where they came out in their denim outfits. The Quick Change camera came on and the boys hammed it up for the cameras. I was enjoying the playful banter when I noticed something. It made my heart skip a beat. Donnie had put on his man romper and what did I see on the left side of his romper? MY LUMPY PIN! Donnie was actually wearing my pin. This totally made my day! Donnie always knows how to make a girl feel special. At first, I thought that he wore it only for that concert but I noticed that he was still wearing it the next day(of course I went to 2 concerts in a row) Even better, he wore it for the rest of the Total Package Tour and on the cruise. Every time I see him in that romper, it makes me feel special. I felt like a part of the tour. Donnie’s heart is so big. This is why #WeareallDonnieGirls !

P.S. Danny started wearing his pin during the Fenway show. My friend, Christina gave them pins too and he finally figured out what they were for J)

Tara’s Donnie Wahlberg Story

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When I was 7 years old my mom took my older sister, my older cousin and I to see the New Kids on the Block in concert at the sky dome in Toronto.

Before the concert a man came up as asked my mom if it was ok for me to be Donnie’s cover girl. That they would come get me at my seat and bring me back. My sister and cousin jumped in saying they wanted to go. Begging the man to choose them.

I was shy and maybe scared to leave my mom but I said no....
I remember starting to regret it as soon as the new chosen cover girl was on stage holding his hand walking back and forth.

Fast forward to 2008 when they announced there return. I told my sister that we had to get VIP tickets so I could finally meet Donnie.

I walked right past them all and gave Donnie a huge hug. I told him that I was so nervous years ago and that I hated myself for it. He played with my hair and asked me if I was still scared of him, of course I said no and he hugged my again.

I’m still not sure if I forgive my 7 year old self or not but that’s my first memory of the NKOTB....

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