Step 93 - 80's & 90's Storytime with Brooke & Nikki


Stories from Sarah, Maria, Christina, Jerusha, Angela.



Here’s How to Participate:

How epic would it be for Nikki and Brooke to have a conversation with the one, the only, Mr. Joe Mac! This can only happen with the help from all of you. #LetsGetThis

"This is amazing! How do I help?"
Well, I'm so glad you asked!

Step 1 - Record HORIZONTALLY only.
Step 2 - Please, no music playing in the background.
Step 3 - Clearly say " Mission interview Joey 2018" and "Let's get this".
Step 4 - Be silly, be quirky, dress up or dress down, you can even just dance around!
Step 5 - Email your video clip to

Rules and the fine print:
DUE DATE: 9/24/2018
Please know, your video may or may not be used, video editor has the final discretion. All participation is greatly appreciated! By submitting a video, you are giving consent for your video and image to be used by My So-Called Whatever in any and all promotional materials.

P.p.p.p.s. Remember to have fun!

Donnie’s Birthday Surprise

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Sarah's WWF Pics



Jerusha & Canusa

You may know that Brewer used to have this event called CANUSA. We had kids come from our sister city, Riverview, New Brunswick, to compete in a sort of Olympics with the Rec department. Every other year we would go there. I still can't believe my parents put me on a bus to stay with another family in another country when I was eight. Anyways, this is Christine, who was our exchange kid for a week. I think it was 1988? Or 1989? Anyway, I was so jealous she had a New Kids shirt and I didn't. I used to love putting on all of my great grandmother's costume jewelry that she kept for dressup at our family camp. We thought we looked amazing.


Christina’s Prom Pic

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