Everyone Has a Story.

Our podcast relies on your stories.  Without YOU and YOUR stories - we have NO podcast.

We are interested in your 80's, 90's, and NKOTB stories!  EVERYONE has a story to tell - for inspiration, try some of the ideas below!


NKOTB (AND OTHER 80's/90's bands) Fan Stories

Have a story about being a fan?  Even if you have never met them, you still have a story!  Tell us about it!  Tell us all about the posters in your room, your favorite songs - you name it - we want to hear it!


Dear Diary

Do you still have a diary or journal from the 80's or 90's?  Find an entry (or two, or three!) and send it our way.  Feel free to add pictures and commentary to help set the scene.


High School

Get out those high school yearbooks!  Did you have a good high school experience?  What activities were you involved in?  Did you belong to a particular group of friends?  Did you stay with that particular group or did you join another group?  What attracted you to that group? If you left, what made you leave the group?  Did you go to prom?  Tell us about it!  Did you attend your 10 year reunion? 20? 30?  We want to hear all the details!


Middle School

Tell us about your favorite middle school memory!  Sleepover, field trip, school dance - we want to hear it!  How much did you change from middle school to high school?  Be sure to send us your photos too!


Best Friends Forever?

Who was your best childhood friend?  What are your most favorite memories with that friend?  Are you still friends?


Your First Job

Tell us about your first job.  Did you like it?  Did you hate it?  How was your boss?  Was it a cool job - or not so cool job.  Did you have to wear a uniform?  Extra points for pics!


Most Memorable Family Vacation

Where did you go on vacation?  What kinds of things did you do that you that would be considered totally 80's or 90's?  Do you have pictures?


Awkward moments and the weird

What's something totally weird that you and your family used to do that you never knew was weird?  Ever have an incredibly awkward moment that still makes you cringe today?  Extra points for awkward photos and stories pertainint to them!

My Life as a soundtrack

Ever had a song that could transport you right back to a specific moment in time?  Tell us about the song and the memory!

Early Days of the Internet

Do you have a "I can't believe I'm alive" internet story from the 90's?  What was your favorite thing to do online?  Tell us all about your AOL & ICQ chats!